is creating educational content in FX trading whom traded over a decade.
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About Ellis

Hi there! This is Ellis.

I am a Forex enthusiast, trader, blogger, educator since 2007. I trade when I am at the coffee shop. I trade when I am at the beach. I trade everywhere I go. This is what I like to do, and this is where my passion lies. 

Forex trading was the love at the first sight since 2007. 

In this channel, I will be sharing my knowledge, experience, and stories with you and hope by the end of the day you would get a better picture of how Forex trading works. Maybe you can too start trading and profit from your very first Forex trade account and buy these cool gifts you have been wanting to have and travel around the world w/ your business in your pocket, no clients and no boss to answer to. 

Part of your support goes to KIVA and support other entrepreneurs around the world success in their dreams.

By helping me reach these goals, 5% of the income generated on Patreon will be lent via. KIVA fighting poverty and helping millions of other entrepreneurs success around the world especially in these countries where poverty post the most challenge in everyday's life. 

I want my channel to be apart of this aiding power. 

Thank you. 


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