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I'm Gabriel Liston.

I paint pictures while standing in a tiny old greenhouse in NW Oregon,

I also spend a lot of time filling notebooks with drawings of everything fuzzy and warm and just a little terrifying.

Patreon is for rallying around the experiments and investigations that excite and inspire us. I sign on with certain scholars and artists because I need them to know that their work shifts my thinking, my life, in important ways and I love it.

I set up this Patreon for people to engage with my studio practice, my process. I'm doing this with the belief that some folks feel about my work the same way I feel about the artists I follow (and this possibility feels thrilling, floaty, buoyant, fizzy even).

Sculptures, drawings, paintings make human experience tangible, visceral, and extend that sense of the tangible present for decades, centuries. Patreon allows others to create something tangible for the creator: time. As an artist, time is tangible.

What does that time become?

I draw domestic interactions (kids, adults, animals), public declarations of belief (protests, anti-protests, artist's talks, overheard moments), and water-use histories (aka: How We Love To Move Mud Around). I draw human gestures based on sudden, gut reaction. I select earth-painting sites with a little more research.

The drawings live in dozens of hand-built notebooks (though they often begin on my left forearm). I paint small pictures on location, plein air. I paint larger works in the studio while looking at site paintings, site drawings and gesture notes.

I do not shoot photos for reference and I rarely use other photos, but I don't hate photography.

I am a believer in the smokey depths of a two dimensional surface.

Galleries, like Froelick in Portland, exhibit my paintings and some folks collect those paintings. Public grants and Kickstarter sometimes push individual projects forward. But those sales and grants cover only a fraction of my time. And a lot of my time is in the notebook drawings. The notebook drawings are the foundation of my practice. The notebooks contain all the references for my painting and illustration projects. Snapshots of the drawings are my daily connection to fans, friends and family. The notebooks are a vast, messy document of our lives and community. 

I have three primary objectives:

1: Move oil paint around in response to the intersections of humans & earth & light. 

2: Directly document human physicality, gaze, and our connection to other humans. 

3: Collaborate with friends to construct a visual dream of their literary world. 

Here, on Patreon, for the patrons:

There will be weekly posts of notebook drawings and notes about the process, context, circumstances.

I will layout favorite notebook drawings into pdf collections.

I will select drawings on a theme, then write a how-to-text around those drawings and format them for pdf and print. Remember How To Draw Children As They Fall and How To Draw Your Family? More of those.

I will make time-lapse videos of work in progress.

I will live-stream painting and notebook-building; however, the wi-fi does not reach the greenhouse-studio, so I have some logistics to figure out.

I will print and mail postcards. 

I will provide (limited) group painting and drawing outings. 

I will make small drawings and portrait tondos for patrons.

What does this mean for my practice:

When the work needs to get made (which is always) the work will get made, and:

When an organization or magazine, on the spur of the moment, says, "Come document this action! Please!" I will grab my book and pack and get there.

When an archeologist buddy says, "There's a place where history meets the present and we've got to draw and write about it and do it right," I will be there, drawing. 

And, eventually, when a daughter says, "Let's do a trip to study history and paintings and sculptures and you can draw my brilliant voice-overs for the art," then we will take the trip.  

Thank you. 

Gabriel Liston

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When we hit 50 patrons I'll pick up a new set of long-handled oil brushes, because my current batch are all about down to the ferrule. Then I can start posting a weekly oil study.
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