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Philip Howard, an open-source database of Raspberry Pi GPIO pins

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About Philip Howard

Hi, I'm Phil. Creator and maintainer of! I really need your help to further develop Pinout, add new features, catalogue more boards, and build an API so that all of the data it's collected can be shared to tools, apps and websites across the Pi community.

Thank you for your support, and for coming this far! If you need help with your Pi project, or just want to chat technology, join us over in our Discord server!

I started Pinout as part of my Raspberry Pi blog back in 2013. The idea? To provide a simple  visual and interactive representation of the Raspberry Pi's GPIO, complete with details about what each pin does, and how they can be used.

Toward the end of 2015 Pinout had grown immensely, transforming to accommodate the new form-factor Raspberry Pi boards, and had begun to list individual add-on boards giving an at-a-glance reference for the pins they used.

I moved Pinout from my blog across to its own domain; in November 2015, and every year since traffic has doubled. Now it's not unusual to see 2000 (or 4000 according to Cloudflare) visitors every single day! It's only by the good graces of Cloudflare's free caching proxy and CDN that it can handle this traffic.

I'm proud of Pinout's growth, and grateful to all the people who have made contributions, submitted their boards, discussed the roadmap, and come up with new ideas for how to make the site better, but in order to grow it further I need your help!

Future plans for include;

  • an API, providing access to full add-on board information for any website or tool to consume
  • embeddable images and board stats widgets for shop owners to use in their product listings
  • a more complete compatibility tool, letting you see which add-on boards will work together
  • an overhaul of the tooling and static site generator to make it more automated
  • better tools and guides to help designers submit their boards
  • testing and documenting more boards from more manufacturers
  • bigger, better photos of every add-on listed
  • more charts, graphs and information derived from the pin data to help board designers make the right choice of pin

As you might imagine- all of this takes time and infrastructure. Your contribution will help make these plans possible, and drive forward into another year of being the go-to resource for Raspberry Pi add-on information and more! You'll also keep ad-free

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