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Your support means that Making Games And Such will be easier on me. That means I can do it more often too!

Share blame for this fiasco, by Appearing In The Credits.
My honest-to-goodness Lasting Appreciation.
[++] The satisfaction that you Help Me Continue To Exist.
[++] Probably Other Things?

-] Your wallet will be At Least $1.00 Lighter, and thus it will be easier to carry. You're welcome.
[- -] You can Absolve Yourself of whatever guilt or anxiety you may feel about enjoying things for free on the internet. If Capitalism trained you to think of everything as a transaction, it's okay now. You're free.

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This is literally the same as the First Tier. It's just for more.

Now people will know you support me with At Least $3.00, which is a bigger number.
[++] You will still have my Lasting Appreciation from the first tier. It doesn't go away. The rewards carry over.
[++] Look, I'll Add More Tiers and Rewards later.  

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Folks, I'm serious.

These Higher Tiers don't get you anything yet. But if you insist, know that I still am sincerely touched by, and seriously appreciate your support.

[++] A different Vegetable Pun.
[++] Helps me make games A Little Bit Faster than if you supported at other tiers.
[++] Let's see... radio... maybe if I make a gamedev podcast...?




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Hey there! Welcome to Patreon. It's my page.

In some form or other, I've been making games since I was a kid. Coming up with rules for Playground LARPS, making point-and-click Adventures in Powerpoint, working on JRPGs About Magical Catboys... even coding Text Adventures on my graphing calculator, instead of paying attention in Calculus Class.

(Dang. Guess you didn't think math was useful for Game Dev, huh, Teen-Me?)

Anyway, enough people liked my stuff, and that helped convince me to stick to it. I Taught Myself what I needed to know, and started Making More Games, more often. Interactive comics, game jam games, and little prototypes and experimental things here and there. In fact, I've heard there's A Bunch of Little Games I've made Right Over Here!

I've been lucky enough to be able to support myself, in part by doing contract work for other game developers. But The Dream has always been to make more Games Of My Own, make them Bigger, and maaaybe even Do It Full-Time. And, so long as I can meet my survival needs, I'd like to find ways for what I make to be Available to Everyone For Free, as often as possible.

So, if by chance you want to help me chase The Dream and all that... why not help me here? With your support, I can spend less hour doing other things, and Spend More Hours Making Games For You, and for everyone else! That way, Everybody gets something nice.

Also, if you'd like to support me in Other Ways, you can always:
★, rate, and share my games on,
★ me some tea through my Ko-fi,
★ ...follow me or signal-boost my projects on Twitter,
★ ...and most importantly, Share This Stuff With Your Friends!
$27 of $100 per month
I can now afford to eat, which is important to me! Fueled by your kindness, I can dedicate one week per month toward making bigger and better games for folks to enjoy, in place of other work.

I will also make an exclusive "Secret Patron Game", to thank everyone for their support! It will be very good, and have graphics and everything.
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