Gadi HH is creating Clash Of Clans Youtube videos

$1 /mo

  • A great way to show appreciation for the contents.
  • Early access to contents before everyone.
  • Access our p...

$5 /mo

  • Everything from the 1$ tier.
  • Your attacks will get featured on my channel!

$10 /mo

  • Everything from the 5$ tier.
  • Your attacks will also be fully analyzed so you can learn from them!

$20 /mo

  • Everything from the 10$ tier.
  • Shout out to your WHOLE clan in a war recap!
  • Personal help with planning attacks, your base, upgrading and more!

$50 /mo

  • Everything from the 20$ tier.
  • At least 2 hours of stream of your clan war once a season!

$75 /mo

  • Everything from the 50$ tier.
  • Clan war with your clan once a season!
  • War recap of that war on my channel!

$150 /mo

  • War in your clan once a season
  • Help with planning attacks
  • Help with improving clan bases
  • Help wit...