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With this you can get you into the map. You choose how, like as a villager, as an animal, as an statue or whatever.
In every map i make you will be in it.

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 With this you can get into the map just like the 1$ tier. But you get also some updates about the map i am currently building with screenshots and sometimes short videos. But what is the benefit of that for you?
You can be involved in the map. I would love to hear opinions about what i already made or ideas about what i could make. Of corse just if you want.




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About Gahlifrex

Hi, i am Gahlifrex and i create Maps for Minecraft.

I did it since Minecraft got its creative mode. My sister played them and i didn't thought about putting them online. They got better and better (i think) and Minecraft got more and more options, like command blocks (so usefull).

A few maps are already online and you can see a hard improvement, since my first ones are quite bad-playable-ish. But a few maps gained popularity and i got a very positive feedback, but i am always trying to improve them.

There are maps for singleplayer, but also some for more than one person. I also tried to make a lot of different ones, for example, some are only for survival, you have to collect and build stuff, while other maps are completely adventure maps with riddles and a storyline.

I do this mostly all by my own, sometimes i got help from my wonderful girlfriend. But that's it. Of course, even with heavy testing there are often still some bugs and errors in the final map. So i need some test individuals. People who can play the map before release and test the hell out of it. Of course i don't want only find bugs, but also hear honest opinions about it.

I also think that the input of different people from all over the world would give a map such an improvement. Even if you don't spend any money, but have ideas, i would love to hear them and the owner of this idea will be in the credits.

Check out my maps if you want, there are Let's Plays and Walkthroughs on YouTube, but also a list of all maps on my Website. I hope you enjoy!
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When I reach 5 patrons, there will be a secret area in the following maps with your heads on a podium and pictures of them at the wall behind (Or their avatars).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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