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About Gaiaisi - Gaia's Eye - Gaia • is • I

I hope this does a good job explaining what I'm trying to accomplish with my music, videos and political-animal rights work, if not, just write to me and ask away, I don't bite (unless you're a freshly cooked sweet potato, in which case watch your back!)

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The most valuable commodity in life is time.  And the most important thing I do with my time is try save lives by fighting ignorance in terms of animal abuse/agriculture, the climate crisis and all-important politics in general that can save or end billions of lives depending on which directions things go at ballot boxes in democracies across the world.  

I know the consequences of that work may not be as obvious as what a veterinarian or doctor does, but billions of nameless animals are killed every day by men purchasing whey protein, or steak, or whatever cancerous, blood-soaked food because they're still believers in the "Vegans Are Weak" myth.  I've helped shatter that myth in the minds of millions of people with the music video of the same name, and I've got notebooks and notebooks full of similar schemes, but time spent making ends meet is slowing all of that production down, and no significant budget to promote the videos with once they come out seriously reduces their full potential for reaching the specific audiences they need to reach to make a difference. 

Every dollar that is pledged here translates into time I can spend working on these crucial projects rather than waiting tables, sealing envelopes, or whatever my day job(s) happen to be at a given moment.  $1000 is about all I need to function in Toronto, get studio time and be a productive information warrior in this battle for the minds of the species that literally has the fate of all life on Earth in our hands.  Watch Earth Emergency if you don't know what I mean...  In fact, here's my whole channel, take a cruise:

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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