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About Elizabeth Henges

Hey there! I'm and the owner of two blogs: 100 Word Gaming Reviews and The ROM Hack Digest. Since I freelance full-time to pay my bills, I only have limited time to work on these passion projects. I want to try to spend more time on my sites (and maybe even more personal projects), but my landlord isn't just going to let me have a place for free, so... Patreon is the next best step!

Your Patreon funds will help me with:
  • Making my blogs look better than... well, the default Medium blogs
  • Spending more time with each project, such as:
    • Reviews posted more often and more 'event weeks', such as Pokemon Week
    • Eventually pay guest writers for their 100-word reviews
    • Have time for long-form articles at the ROM Hack Digest, including
      • Tutorials for emulating various systems
      • Hack/Translation round-ups for various systems, rather than just news on the latest items
  • Start a third blog project, this time to help freelancers with navigating the field, including tips and how to deal with taxes (taxes always suck)
  • Dedicate more time to streaming

So if you like my work, either with my personal projects, or elsewhere on the web, I would love it if you threw a buck or two my way monthly!
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I can commit to regular updates for 100 Word Gaming Reviews, with at least five reviews a month and occasional event reviews.
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