$1 /mo
Get the twelve week GAINS exercise program designed to kickstart your fitness journey and introduce you to diverse training styles.

GAINS Early Birds

$5 /mo
Give at least $5/month and you'll gain first access to all ebooks, free. Currently, this includes my book on mindfulness, The UpLift Method. In the future, this list will expand significantly as ne...

GAINS Group Coaching

$75 /mo
 In addition to previous rewards, you now qualify as a group coaching client. Group coaching clients get one set of personalized workouts per month along with skype and email support and dietary he...

GAINS One On One Coaching

$150 /mo
You become a one-on-one client. One on one coaching clients are given weekly workouts perfectly tailored to them and their goals. In addition to the other rewards, one on one clients get full 24/7 ...