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I’m working to create intelligent, compassionate, and justice-driven dialogue about sexuality and sexual cultures, sex education, gender, power, and inequality. For a decade, I've been doing that through writing, speaking and education, making media, and doing advocacy. I've been featured in the ABC, VICE, The Guardian, The Age, Overland, The Conversation, and more. I've got a mouth, and I know how to use it. If you wish to check out my credentials,  my website is effectively my CV. 

ON $$$: 

I used to do what I do for love (thanks, Centrelink / my earnest early 20s). Then I used my sex work income to fund my sex ed and advocacy pursuits, which meant they became secondary to my paid work, decreasing in volume and impact. I believe that this work has a concrete value, and that some of that value is measurable in dollars. In order for me to continue to output this work and increase its reach, I need to be paid for the full-time job this has become for me. 

I work independently, which means I'm not beholden to a funding body or a risk-averse corporate structure. I would like to continue to do so, because there are some things what needs saying, and I'm in a good position to be able to say them. 


Not everyone who pays a sex worker is also an ally, and not everyone who is an ally can do it by paying. Where the latter is the case, it's my hope that some of my work will give you some other avenues down which to strut your allyship. My proposal, though, is that supporting me here gives you a chance to be an ally twice. By helping to fund my work, you're an ally to me as a sex worker and as an activist. You're also an ally to anyone who directly benefits from the work that I do (sex workers and non-sex workers), because without your contribution, I can't do that work. Your money is going towards creating resources that will fall directly into the hands of sex workers and their allies. Directly towards mobilisation around the issues that affect our right to survive. 

My allyship to my sex working community acknowledges that there are access barriers to resources for many sex workers. That there are increased risks and stigmas for sex workers of colour, trans and gender diverse sex workers, migrant sex workers, and all those who fall through the massive gaps in our support nets created by criminalisation. I am aware that I'm fighting for people I don't share experience with, and I commit to doing my own work to ensure that it acknowledges and includes them. 


Everywhere, man. I've produced award-winning feminist porn, I've appeared on panels about sex, politics, sex work, porn, and feminism, I've taught at sexuality festivals all over the world, I've curated and MCed secret smut screenings and panel discussions, I've hosted international sex educators, I've delivered papers and presentations at conferences, I've written book chapters and articles, I've been a dramaturg on a theatre production about young men and pornography, I've collaborated with the public health sector to create sexy sex ed resources, and I've been a go-to for writers, artists and educators about how to stay accountable to sex workers in what they create. 



I have always been both ambitious and voluminous, and I never have fewer than 3 major projects on the go. To illustrate, here is a diagram of the inside of my brain, created to explain my recent insomnia (artist credit: my partner): 

The main focus of my work right now is undoubtedly sex work and sex workers. There are definitely other topics worthy of my attention, but not whilst my community is on the front lines of an extermination campaign. So! Let me be super clear that you'll be seeing nothing but the labour and human rights of sex workers on my agenda anytime soon.  

Here's a list of what I'll be working on in the coming few months, and a few of my Greater Ambitions (my long game, so to speak):

Short Game: 
- Late June 2018: Development and delivery of a Digital Security for Sex Workers workshop (Sydney, Brisbane, and other cities TBD)
- June /July 2018: Collaboration with Assembly Four to create a comprehensive, working digital resource for sex workers, helping them to navigate digital security, stay safe online, and utilise software and services that are SW-friendly. 
- July 2018: 'Understanding FOSTA's Impact on Sex Workers: A Guide for Health Practitioners' presentation at the LBQ Women's Health Conference, Melbourne 
- August 2018: Event on Feminist Allyship to Sex Workers (Melbourne, TBC)
- A video campaign re: FOSTA's effects on Actual Sex Workers (think 'Amend S.230' PSA but smarter & lolzier)
- As many articles as I can get published about: how FOSTA is still fucking us (without paying us); why LGBTIQ social movements need to take up SW rights passionately and immediately; why sex-worker-run tech businesses are our future; wtf is up with the Victorian political shenanigans around sex work law in the lead-up to the November election; a civilians guide to decriminalisation of sex work

Longer Game: 
- Adaptations of the Wheel of Consent to teach it to (a) young adults and (b) professionals in media, corporate, and community orgs. 
- A fucking podcast (despo! I haz all teh ideas). 
- Completion of a full resource set for my award-winning film Vital Signs

NB: This account funds my independent activist work only, and does not resource my volunteer role at Scarlet Alliance. 


There's a lot to do. I'd really like to get down to it. The benefits to supporting my work offer insight into (and conversation about) the journey it takes. My patron feed will be my first port of call for tacking that stuff, and I'll be sharing things like first drafts and process points, opportunities to help me steer my work, group calls / AMAs, and more.

This space is my fierceness incubator. Please help me keep the heat lamps on; there are a lot of little hatchlings in here, and I'm gonna fucken grow the shit out of them. 

x x 

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This buys me writerly time. Published articles, blog posts, content for my sex worker digital security project, letters to my neighbours about their partying habits. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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