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About Leanne

Walking In the Dark: A Web Comic

“Eris city has never been a great place to live. People get by but there is a lot of bad things in any city this size. The homeless, the garbage, and not to mention the things that go bump in the night. Most people don’t believe in the last one. They all chalk up mysterious circumstances to the mad city living.

Well, all but the Eris city report. There the only paper in the city that dares to tell the truth about it all. Of course that means that people see it as nothing but a joke. Vampires and ghosts and goblins? Well that’s just silly they all think. Well they’re all wrong. I really wish they would pay attention to us once in a while. Maybe then less people would get hurt.” - Ben Westford.

Stella Storm is a journalism professor who's days were fairly normal, that is until Benjamin Westford appears at her office door. The unkempt vampiric reporter pulls the professor into his world of magic, mystery and monsters.  Stella quickly learns that what she thought of as campfire stories had more truth in them than she would care to believe.

Walking in the Dark is a web comic that updates twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It has been running in it's current form since 2010.
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With this goal, I will create a unique Desktop and phone wallpaper of Benjamin Westford.
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