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I appreciate your support so much, the fact that you are actually giving me money to create this music means a lot to me. This tier has almost everything I post in it, I encourage you to give as much feels good to you, every little bit helps me eat and continue to make music. 


I don't have any desire to separate those who can afford to give me $100 per month from those who can give $1. You all help me, and if I release something here, as long as it doesn't take me more physical effort to make it available than other things, it will be visible to you. This is my effort to create more culture of support and gifting and less exclusivity and separation. 

So here's what I am offering:

• So much gratitude for making this possible

• Pictures from the road, unreleased song lyrics, and whatever else comes to mind! I'm open to suggestions here.

•  Videos from little house shows, late night kitchen noodlings, and jams with the local birds, many that may not be posted anywhere else, some that will be released later.

•  Demos of new songs that I am working on before they are released, in a downloadable form that you can take with you.

• Access to video blogs about plants, some weird technique I figured out on the guitar, ideas about opening your voice, or....? I'm open to requests about what you would like me to talk about.

• Credit and thanks on any albums I release.

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•   Albums and any merchandise that I create sent to your address any time you choose, on your request.

I made another tier for this, since it does cost me to release things in physical reality, vs. simply releasing something online. 

You are welcome to support me at this level even if you don't want physical things, it's just an extra thing I am willing and able to do to thank you.

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• A hand drawn thank you card with a personalized message, sent to your address, with some strange blue octopus floating through the stars or what-have-you. 

I love drawing things for people. Let me draw something for you. 



About Galen Hefferman

Hello Everyone,

You have found the home page of my Patreon, a very helpful service that helps artists and creators of all kinds be supported in offering what they have to give to the world, and eases the stress and instability of the choice, (and often the heart-born necessity) to live a life as an independent artist. Artists have needed patrons since before the Medicis, and this is a great way to support artists at a level that is doable for you. 

Here's a little video about patreon and what they do..

What I Create:

You can find my music and other offerings at

I play a certain flavor of ritualistic, prayerful, earth connected folk that draws influences from forces of nature, from dreams, and from music around the world, from Ireland, to Ghana, to Tuva, to Turkey. I owe most of my sound to the songs of birds and wind and to the numerous people holding onto their connection to place and culture. 

I seek to create music that the crows might want to sing along to, beavers might not swim away from and that my great great great great great great grandmother from Galway might find familiar, but that also speaks to "The Great Turning" of this present time (a phrase of Joanna Macy's).

I seek to bring the dreamworld more into conversation with the waking world through sound. I often make or modify my own instruments and clothing. 

2019/20 Goals:
•  Record and release my first album, either at The Unknown in Anacortes, or in my family's kitchen with the help of friends and family.
•  Keep playing shows for all you folks that integrate crowd participation and ritual in experimental ways.
•   Play at more festivals down the west coast.
•   Keep holding improvisational voice circles that help people step into their authentic voices as a collective.
•   Keep offering intuitive voice, guitar, and bass lessons to you all
•   Work towards touring through my ancestral home places and beyond
•   Dive deeper into studying Irish, Turkish, Persian, and Arabic Music, as well as jazz chord theory and flamenco technique
•   Potentially gather together some friends to start a band of folks touring coastal areas by sailboat. (We will see)

A Story:

I have been carrying songs around for some 8 years, letting them percolate through my body, sharing them with select audiences but never sharing them too widely, until the Summer of 2018. I had been working various odd jobs since I was 18, until one day, I yelled at the great force behind all things and told them I didn't want to do this "pulling everyone's blackberries who asks" thing anymore. 

The next day my hands were in full spasm, seemingly unwilling to do the work I had come to depend on. The rest of the summer I spent healing, trying to figure out what it was they were willing to do. Through this process, I started entering waking dreamworlds and receiving instructions about what I was to be doing in this world. 

The beings that I talked to told me under no uncertain terms that I was to share my music, start touring down the West Coast, and hold concerts that centered mandalas of plants and bones and stones and feathers that were from the place I was playing in, featuring the music I had been too afraid to share up until then. I rebelled, thinking that I was not anybody to do such a thing, but those beings insisted that this was my work to do right now and that it would not happen without my hands and voice. 

So, I got to work. With the help and funding of many friends, family, and friends yet unmet who believed in me and what I was creating, I managed to pull together a tour of significant places that had raised me throughout my life, from the studio in my grandparents' tiny mountain town, to the town of my birth, to the coastal place where I spent my first two months completely outdoors. That time was filled with so much serendipity and magic, it felt like the entire world was rejoicing at my saying yes to what I was being asked to do. (More on that later)

One of the most miraculous things was, the very first show I played, my hand pain completely went away. It came back again, but got less and less the more I said yes to music. 

What's Next? 

I am currently working on recording my first album of these songs that have been whispering, and sometimes belting, in my ears since I was 18. They have spoken from dreams, from little forest hollows, from starry nights at oceans, from an unknown place when I was curled up in an apartment wondering whether I should stay in this whole earth thing or just check out. 

I have also been teaching voice and instrument lessons and facilitating improvisational voice circles, with the intention of helping more people share the unique stories and songs that they carry and be free from the doubting voices and somatic restrictions that have held them back. 

I am also constantly seeking out unique and welcoming venues, living rooms, and gatherings to play, and dreaming of gathering together with a group of friends to tour down the coast in a sailboat. (Fingers crossed)

This whole recording and touring and creating art thing is, in reality, quite expensive, and doesn't allow me to take on jobs without a large amount of flexibility, so I find myself piecing together what I can of teaching gigs, shows, and whatever else floats my way. 

This is where you come in...

By supporting my patreon in an amount that is doable for you, you literally make it possible for me to share these songs (in both recorded and live form) with all of you and do the things required to have them heard in strange times such as these. 

You will have unique access to weird videos that I don't release or release later, unreleased song lyrics, blog posts unique to patreon, healing tips, plant medicine, and lots more, I'm just getting started here.  

So, Thank You! 

Thank you for making it possible for me and artists like me to create things for you all to sing and laugh and cry to. 

If you cannot support me monthly, you can share this page on social media or to that friend who loves to support independent musicians, or you can donate to my album fundraiser here:

Or you can like my page on facebook:

Or follow me on instagram:

Join my music email list, and check out some recent videos of songs on my website.

See you on the road.

13% complete
When I reach 500 dollars a month of support, I will be able to create way more art and involve more people in shows while worrying less about who I will have to split tips with, etc etc. I would love to create what I want to give to the world without it feeling like I am trading money for time, and this would help me do that. I will also be able to have my basic food and expenses in large part covered, since I live quite simply. 

I will make a post and a video thanking everyone and you can all interview me and ask questions about anything you would like. 
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