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  • You gain an unique role in the GKG Discord and access to a private Discord channel.
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  • Once a year, you'll get a Patreon exclusive RPG. This will be in PDF, and a possible at-cost POD code. 
  • Additional other benefits like sneak peeks, art previews, and design notes.  
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  • Twice a year, you'll get a micro-RPG from Alan (we'll send you a free PDF and a single print copy, most likely a hardcover depending on the size of the book!)
  • Additional other benefits like sneak peeks, art previews, and design notes.   
  • Once a year, a special reward will be sent to those who support this Patreon. It might be an adventure, dice, or more!
  • You'll get assorted bonus goodies that are explicitly for the $10 tier!
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About Gallant Knight Games

Gallant Knight Games is a tabletop gaming company dedicated to high-quality roleplaying games and card and board games.

Founded in 2016 by Alan and Erin Bahr, and focused on affordable, accessible and exciting tabletop games, Gallant Knight Games produces the award-winning and bestselling TinyD6 line of games, with titles such as Tiny Dungeon 2e, Tiny Supers, Tiny Frontiers: Revised and many more. Gallant Knight Games also produces many other bestselling titles, such as: Cold Shadows, the Venerable Knight Classic line, and many others. 

Gallant Knight Games also serves as a publishing partner for bestselling indie publishers, such as Old Skull Publishing, Barrel Rider Games, as well as several other publishing partners, helping to bring their games to larger audiences!

Alan Bahr is the award-winning lead designer and founder of Gallant Knight Games.

Alan here. Enough with that marketing speak. I don't really talk like that. Let's be honest, running a game company is hard, especially when it's the sole source of income you contribute to your family's finances.

We’ve been successful on Kickstarter (over a dozen projects to our name) but Kickstarter comes in spurts, and the paydays from Kickstarter projects can be few and far between. A lot of the time (ok, all of the time) a little income in-between can make the difference between a new release that month, or me going out and moonlighting to make sure ends meet and no one in my family has to step up and carry my weight.

However, I love making games, and I love doing it full time. I can be prolific (we releasedozens of products a year both in retail and on DriveThruRPG), but I am only as prolific as time allows.
I'd like to do this full-time with more security, so here we are, on Patreon, trying it out.

At Gallant Knight Games, one of my guiding principles has been keeping it simple so we can do it right (a lesson sometimes learned the hard way.) So, this Patreon is pretty simple. There are three pledge levels:

  • $1 which grants you an unique role in the GKG Discord, and access to a private Discord channel for GKG patrons.
  • $5 which grants you access to varying free content on a monthly basis, at minimum a monthly copy of TinyZine! This includes playtest materials, previews of up-coming products, and more.
  • $10 which grants you access to sneak peeks of upcoming Kickstarters, design notes, and blogs from Alan, a monthly TinyZine and at least twice a year, a unique $10 only reward. This might be an RPG, a merch or swag item, or something else!
At various times, patrons will get chances to play in a one-off (digitally of course, unless we're all at the same con), as well as patreon exclusive Q&As, feedback and more!

These pledge levels are subject to some small level of flexibility from month to month in what will come out for them, but as always, I try to deliver as much as I can for your money. (Also, you will get tons of cute pictures of my two puppies, I'll be honest, which is priceless.)

Regardless, you might want to know how we intend to use the money raised here in the Patreon? That's a fair question, and one we're happy to answer. 

  • First, money will go towards increasing the amount of content in the TinyZine! New art, more writing (including up and coming industry writers, guest submissions), maps, micro-settings, and more!
  • Secondly, money will go towards funding future GKG projects. This can include spec art to test out new artists, advance editing, research and development, and lots more.
  • Third, it'll go to various business expenses, like con travel, marketing, business expenses, and other such sundries. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this far. It's appreciated, and I hope you'll find your way into the GKG family!

Note: If you can't find the Discord link, here it is!
$795.84 of $1,000 per month
Tiny Twitch!

At this level, we'll be able to do a Twitch channel, focused on GKG games (most likely TinyD6 ones), as well as creator interviews, Q&As, showcasing works in progress and more!
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