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About Gallico Studios

*Welcome to Gallico Studios*

Gallico Studios is a multimedia effort supported by a community of activists who share the goal of exposing the pollution story behind public water fluoridation.

Most people are unaware that in the mid-1900's when fluoridation was introduced, fluoride was the leading form of industrial air pollution, causing more litigation than the other top ten pollutants combined. And most people certainly don't realize the fluoride added to water is a hazardous waste product from phosphate fertilizer mining.

Founded by author Melissa Gallico in December 2018, Gallico Studios produces video, audio, and written content to raise awareness of the damaging health effects of fluoride, including why they are persistently overlooked by government health agencies.

Our biggest project at the moment is #Fpollution, a podcast series that provides documentary evidence and witness testimony of the pollution scandal behind fluoridation. Listen now at

Careful study of the history and science behind artificial water fluoridation reveals it is not the great public health achievement government officials currently claim it to be. On the contrary, fluoridation is a pollution scandal—the biggest pollution scandal in American history—and we are determined to see it come to an end.


*Frequently Asked Questions*

How do I join Gallico Studios?
You can join the Studio by selecting a membership tier on this page.

Do I have any responsibilities if I join Gallico Studios? What if I don't want to do anything but provide support?

The titles are fun, but you won't have to do any actual "gaffering" or other production work (unless you want to!). The perks however are very real. If you choose the Executive Producer tier, for example, your name will be read aloud as an Executive Producer in all podcast episodes because you will literally be an executive producer for the show.

Do I have to pay in U.S. Dollars?

No, all amounts are listed here in U.S. dollars but you can pay in any currency and Patreon will automatically convert it as appropriate.

What if I want to join at an amount not listed on this page?
First off, THANK YOU! To select a custom amount, choose "become a patron" and then select "make a custom pledge" at the bottom of the page.

Can I make a one-time contribution instead?
Patreon doesn't work like that, but for other ways you can support the studio, including one-time financial gifts, please visit

What if I want to stop my membership in the future?

You can change or cancel your membership at any time in just a few clicks. If you need help, Patreon has an extensive support center or you can use the Patreon app to edit your membership on your phone. Contact Patreon Support

What if I have a question not answered above?

Until we are big enough to hire a fancy receptionist, the best way to request further assistance is to contact Melissa Gallico directly on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or at

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