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Just because you love us, you give us a $1 for the coffee and snack fund! Thank you from the bottom to the top of the Tardis!! 

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Our Patreon Subscribers get access to Full Length episodes of our Doctor Who fan reaction show Gallifrey Gals 'Get Wibbly Wobbly' 
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Welcome to our Newest tier! Get Animated now showing the Gals' reaction series to Gravity Falls! We still have Get Schwifty waiting for new episodes and past episodes of Get Bendy!  With New episodes every Fridays  This tier unlocks you access to full episodes of our Friday shows plus occasional bonus content!
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About Gallifrey Gals

Hello! Welcome to our Patreon! We are the Gallifrey Gals, Paula and Katrina! If you found us here we hope you are following us and subscribing to our YouTube Channel GallifreyGals!

Meet Paula and Katrina, two nerdy girls navigating time and space; watching television and introducing each other into their favorite fandoms. Our Patreon is dedicated to our most devote fans! Here you will find Full length episodes of our 10-13 min episodes on Youtube, specials QA sessions with fans, podcast reactions to our own reactions and much much more! 

Have a wibbly wobbly timey wimey day!


First let us send a huge thank you for your patronage! Your support is what makes this channel possible!

What if I want to cancel for the month and it’s already a few days past the 1st?
Don’t worry you have 10 days at the beginning of each pay period to cancel your subscription and get a refund! We totally understand if you just can’t pay if we’re I’m between seasons.

Why have breaks between seasons!? I want more content now!
We understand having to wait between seasons can be frustrating. But unfortunately Gallifrey Gals is not our full time jobs and we cannot create content around the clock. We have to work around our regular work schedules so we can afford to live. The breaks allow us plenty of time to create each season. A break for you and not for us.

But why are there breaks!?
It may seem like we just want to take lots of time off and don’t want to create but this is completely untrue. During our show breaks that happen we are busy watching the new seasons, then editing the videos and creating bonus content, all juggling full time jobs, side hustles and general life issues. So please be patient in between seasons. We try to keep you up to date as best as we can. If you haven’t received an announcement after a couple weeks don’t worry we promise we are working on our schedules.

Why don’t you have a set schedule for the year yet?
Well we had one initially all the way back way in February and then 2020 decided to shut everything down and we had to go into quarantine mode. We are still currently in isolation mode as to make sure everyone on our team stays healthy and safe.Shooting remotely has slowed us down quite a bit and lessened the amount of content we planned to create this year.

Why are you still isolating can’t you film together?
We are taking this pandemic seriously, we live in a high risk city and one of our team members has an immunity deficiency. We want everyone to feel and stay safe. We are cautious because we care.

Why can’t I download the episodes?
While we used to allow patrons to download episodes, earlier this year we were perma banned from Vimeo because of copyright infringement. One of the main deciding factors in that ban was because of the fact people could download our content and the censor flagged us.For our channels safety and to be able to keep providing patrons content we have deciding to not allow downloading.

Where are the first seasons of Who and Trek?
If you have been with us since the Fan Theory days you know we had done Seasons 1-4 of doctor who and season 1 of Star Trek: TNG on Fan Theory's channel. Unfortunately when we left Fan Theory to create our own channel we were not given permission to bring our past episodes with us. As much as we would like to share those seasons with you here on this channel we are unable to do so.

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