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Welcome to Drawland!!! What a bad luck that your plane crashed, but a fortune that we are all cartoons. Here you have some change for the bus and some useful things (they aren't) from the "Lost Objects" office. 

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About Galo Guel

A Doodle a Day ... Keeps the Routine Away!

Howdy-doody! My name is Angel and as a child I was a fanatic to fill the margins of my notebooks with scribbles and drawings. Today, 27 years later, I am a freelance illustrator with my  Galahad Studio brand. 

But I really love creating funny characters and doodles, that's why I created " A Doodle a Day", an illustration and animation project with which I continue to learn and experiment, while I share with my followers in social networks everything that like and inspires me, so buckle your pants and...

Welcome to a Doodle a Day!!

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