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About me (TLDR version)

I am a realistic and creative game developer with a love for scifi, rpg and rts games in particular. Currently I am working on a Scifi rts game (inspired by Homeworld and similar games and I would love to have more time and means to deliver high quality and fun games. Currently I am struggling to work on games as much and I can, hopefully with your help I can spend more time creating cool games for you!

The goal is to make very high quality and fun games of professional quality, even though I am an indie developer. If you want to know how I plan to achieve this then feel free to ask!

About me (the long story)

For as long as I can remember I have been creating games. First as a child, using paper, glue and markers to make board games. Then I started using wood to make boardgames inspired by videogames like Age of Empires. Eventually I got into programming and I made games using Flash (when it was still popular) and even a 3D racing game with C++ and Ogre.

Needless to say what I chose a study that suited my desire to develop games and chose Application and Game development at a college in Ede. After that I tried to find a job in the game development industry, but luck was not on my side. The industry wasn't that big at the time and opportunities were scarce. Eventually I ended up doing Webdevelopment (websites, webshops, smartphone apps) instead, but the dream of being a game developer persisted.

At first my plan was to work on games in the evenings, but since I was an entrepeneur I was often so tired from working 70+ hours per week that I didn't have the energy for it. I got stuck in that role as an entrepeneur, which lead to me working in that manner for 9 years before realizing/remembering that that is not who I am. I am a dreamer, I am a creator and I am a game developer.

Work bad, game development good
As a result of that realisation I quit my own company and tried to find a regular job so that I would have the evenings off to work on what I enjoy; making video games. I succeeded in that plan and I have been working a 'regular job' for almost a year now. It allowed me to spend more time to work on video games, and I started working on a space RTS based inspired by Homeworld and classic RTS games like red alert.

Getting there!
The good news is is that I now have more time to work on my creative ideas. I can work on my game on most evenings, but I would like to work on games a bit more and have the finances to put more time into development, research and hiring others to help me deliver quality games.

Need some convincing?
There are a lot of video game developers out there. They all think they have the best idea for a videogame and the skills to create them. I am no different, but I am enough of a realist that there needs to be something that sets me apart. Something that will make you understand that investing in me is your best chance of getting a high quality, playable and most importantly fun game for your bucks. For that reason I have compiled a list of why I believe that I can deliver an interesting game in hopefully a long series of interesting games.

Why me?
  • I set realistic goals. Feature creep is the enemy, and I feel that it is more important to have a few well worked out features than a bunch of half developed ones
  • I am a perfectionist, but enough of a realist to work on things that deliver the most value in the least amount of time first
  • I am a huge Homeworld, Dawn of war and Red alert fan and it is important to me that I pay homage to those great games, while at the same time incorperating new techniques and mechanics
  • I want to deliver quality
  • I want to build the game in a modular fashion so that adding new ships, weapons and technologies are easy to implement in the future, ensuring that you will keep getting new content
  • I want short matches to last about 15 minutes, but also want to leave room for longer games if desired (or very evenly matched)
  • I have worked as a manager for 9 years, so I understand targets, goals, marketing and people management (I am working with other artists to develop my current and future project)

The game I am working on is called nd it is a moderately-paced Space RTS inspired by Homeworld, Dawn of war and Red Alert. You get to build your own base with buildings like;

  • Power generators
  • Turrets
  • Ship factories
  • Refineries

Furthermore you can design your own fleet. Meaning that you will have your own personalized fleet of 6 unique ships. You can choose the ship frame, weapons and modules (which apply bonuses to health, armor, speed or other statistics).

There will also be a tech tree in which you can; 

  • Choose to increase the amount harvested by your harvesters
  • Choose to increase the health, armor, speed or other statistics of your ships
  • Unlock new types of weapons (and choose upgrades for them)
  • Choose to improve other buildings, mechanics, ships or weapons to suit your playstyle

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