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The Game Manual is a new take on an old trade. Our mission is to raise the bar in the field of gaming journalism, and below you'll find a list of our commitments.

1) The Game Manual will provide the latest news, reviews, and commentary from the perspective of life-long gamers and nerds, rather than as career journalists. We respect the work that professional journalists do, but we acknowledge that, like many other fields, videogaming is a trade, hobby, and lifestyle that welcomes and involves varying degrees of depth and commitment. We seek to pick up where career journalism stops, taking the practice to new heights and greater depths.

2) The Game Manual is committed to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. This refers to full transparency in regards to our sponsors, our affiliations in the industry, as well as to retractions, updates, and any mistaken reporting. While our professional standards are too long to list here, you can find a full disclosure of those standards at our website.

Your patronage contributes only to the core costs of keeping The Game Manual up and running, including but not limited to server fees, game review costs, game conference travels costs, and office space. We do not claim wages and funds received from your patronage will never be spent on anything except producing the content you love and enjoy. 
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