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“In play there is something “at play” which transcends the immediate needs of life and imparts meaning to the action. All play means something. If we call the active principle that makes up the essence of play, “instinct”, we explain nothing; if we call it “mind” or “will” we say too much. However we may regard it, the very fact that play has a meaning implies a non-materialistic quality in the nature of the thing itself.”
-Johan Huizinga; Homo Ludens.

Our current times acceptance of nerd/geek subculture by the mainstream public plus the nostalgia of the old hobby practitioners has increased the demand of pen & paper roleplay game experiences. Thanks to on-line supported platforms and long distance real-time communication, veteran gamemasters are not only able to keep playing their hobby but also introduce new players, meet veteran ones from distinct parts of the globe and have access to an impressive library of tools to enrich their ludic narrative.
The positive qualities of pen & paper role play are a statement of the deep nature of this hobby as a vehicle for humanist values that go further than mere escapism through juvenile power trip fantasies that its detractors like to remark constantly.
In the hands of an experienced gamemaster pen & paper role play becomes both a creative social meeting and knowledge exchange discussion which can start the interest into a field never looked upon by the players or further expanding ideas.
Thanks to the platform, I offer my skills and experience as a veteran gamemaster to provide enjoyable inspiring game sessions that range from already published material to that written on demand, using the funding of my fans for:
-Acquiring new published material to expand the game library.
-Acquiring new technological equipment which will allow to both stream and record game sessions for the enjoyment of those who aren't able to join.
-Commission artist, cartographers and even musicians for provide more immersive gaming experiences.
-Be able to adapt game sessions into serialized dramas which will be uploaded in a future coming YouTube channel by hiring voice actors.

Thanks to your contribution these projects and others may be possible.

$193.53 of $600 per month
-Acquisition of new published game material on players' request.
-Able to purchase new desktop PC tower.
-Able to purchase streaming gear.
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