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You equip common clothes and a wooden sword. You’re ready to begin your journey by helping complete tasks in your small town. 

At the $1 tier, you'll get access to our patron-only blog which let's you know what we're working on as well as updates about our website. You'll also get access to our patron-only discord where you'll get to chat with Game Savvy content creators and be part of the conversation.

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Level 2 - You’re Ready For Adventure

You equip leather armor and exchange your wooden sword for an iron sword. With a bit of experience now, you’re ready to venture off from your home town.

At the $5 level tier, you'll get everything from $1 tier and also be entered for a chance to win a video game of your choice every month. You'll also get a shoutout from Game Savvy on the social media platform of your choice. 

Thank you so much. Every dollar goes toward supporting our content creators and growing the Game Savvy community.  




As with all of you, video games are our entire lives. We spend all of our time playing them, talking about them, writing about them, and wishing we had more time to play them. Game Savvy is a group of writers, editors, and content creators that want nothing more than to make it in this ever growing industry. We dream of being able to make a living out of our craft, to support our families, make quality content, and above all, do what we love. We like to think of ourselves as the first stepping stone for people to take into the industry. We are normal people just like you, we have part time jobs like being waiters, delivery drivers, having desk jobs, working at grocery stores, but we want to dedicate more time to what we really love doing, writing and talking about video games. That's where you come in; with support from people like you, we might be able to take time off work, get better equipment, and do what we need to to make a real career out of this. We want nothing more than to build a positive community around what we create, and we'd love it if you became a part of it.
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