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Founding Fathers

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Receive Four to Six buildings when you join. Get 3 buildings through the "Starter Kit" AND the rest through current months download links (July includes: 
  • CHITUBOX supported files for all Resin Models
  • Mushroom/Fungal Farm
    • 4 different mushrroms growing on stumps
    • Stumps also have secondary fungus/lichen around base
    • Perfect for alchemist basement or shady side of a house
    Potted Trees
    • 3 Potted trees for interior or garden area
    Celtic Village Fence Expansion (April)
    • 1 repeatable Straight fence and 2 transition fences for larger Fort
    • 1 Narrow Wall Breach
    • 1 Wide Wall Breach
    Large Round House Ruin
    Large Permanent Tent
    Primitive Watch Tower:
    • Can work as two or 3 story structure
    Gravemaker Worksite
    • 13 pieces for depicting Coffin Maker & Grave Stone Carver
    Merchant Stand Walls Expansion (June)
    • Includes Weapon Merchant Stand and Tables (Both Sizes)
    • Includes Book, Scribe Supply Merchant for square style booth
    Shed Wall Expansion (May)
    • 6 walls depicting weapon and general goods storage for our Storage Shed
  • CHITUBOX supported files for all Resin Models

Then receive plans and parts for several buildings and extra scatter terrain every month. Usually 2 from our system and one original building made from our assets. You will receive all the STL files needed to bring those plans to life! Each months files are distributed multiple ways as follows.
  • Hotlinks by the 4th of the month
  • Via by the 4th of the month
  • via myminifactory by the 10th of the month
  • Via toward the end of the month

Many parts from buildings can be mixed and matched so you can make your own creations. In summary:
  • Join and get up to 6 Buildings!
  • Then get 3 buildings every month!
  • Mix and match parts!
  • Get Codes to purchase back catalog at -50% off store prices
  • Vote on polls
  • Join our Discord
Includes Discord benefits

The Merchants Guild

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July Out Now!
July Preview
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Commercial Print Rights for "ONLY" Patreon Released Products. You get everything from Tier 2 and get the rights to sell the prints. 
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About GameScape3D

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July Released!
July Preview
Starter Kit
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Welcome to The GameScape3D Patreon!

We have been modeling since 2013 and began running kickstarter campaigns in 2017. During this time we invented an awesome infinite vertical stacking system called OpenPeg. We have loved developing it over these last years through our kickstarter campaigns! Now help support us as we pursue the the limits of this system and develop exclusive Patreon products . In addition to exploring our OpenPeg designs, you will be an active partner helping us develop roads, 6x6” OpenLOCK city systems, Goblin/Orc Worlds,and eventually even more castle designs! Become not only Patrons but partners helping us shape the direction of our tabletop universe.

Presently we are using our OpenPeg components to develop a peg stacking system that allows pegs to be replaceable and printed separately. This is coupled with designing buildings that are cut and un-stackable down to 1/3 or1/4 wall height, allowing rooms to be played without the need for everyone to stand up and peer inside. We are also producing a ton of high detail scatter that works well with resin printers!

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