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*You will have access to my patreon only feed
only those who donate can see it you will know first whats happening with the channel and will be the ppl i listen to when it comes to the channel and the videos i post. 
*you will be eligible for joining me in live streams (multiplayer games) 
first come first serve ill post here b4 going live.
*every patron no matter the tier lvl will get double the chances to win giveaways
*be apart of the patreon only giveaways everything from game codes to stickers and tee shirts.
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About games james

Hello and welcome to my patreon. you have made the first step in helping to support me.
and the fact you have made it this far delights me.
 he says while twisting his mustache 

Why do i create content on youtube?
well not only do i love creating content its my passion. Video games have always been my passion but with the technology today creating videos of the video games i love to play has taken over me. Nothing feels better than clicking that publish button and knowing someone some where will enjoy what i just enjoyed. From live streams to lets plays i love it all. Not only am i a creator im a viewer as well. Im subscribed to about 50 channels and 90% of those are creators just like me. They inspire me to do better, create better builds, or try out a new game i would of normally passed on. I hope to inspire others to create something special or to not give up. The second part as to why i do this if for my two boys (one who has autism click 
here to learn more) 
i want them to see you can do what ever you put your mind to and have fun while doing it. Life isnt about working paycheck to paycheck its about living loving and sharing! if my boys see my message then its all worth it. 

Why do i need a patreon and what is your hard earned money going to anyways?

* I need a patreon for a few reasons 
1. Youtube does not pay very well and adds are annoying as hell!  having this patreon helps to reduce adds

2. Currently i am not partnered with twitch so i do not earn revenue from my streams nor can ppl subscribe to me.(patreon is the best way to support my channel) 

3. Playing the newest games and running them at high quality isnt cheap, any and all money donated/pledged goes directly into making the best content having the newest games and providing you with quality content.

*what do you get for becoming a patron?
To the right you will see the lvls of donations (they are in lvls of badass mustaches) and what u get for each perk besides my extreme gratitude. My patreon supporters will get first dibs on giveaways game codes and more. this will also be the place you can chat with others about my content and the easiest way to get in touch with me. Ill be doing patreon only live streams, Q&A and ill let you guys pick what games to play nxt.. also in a live stream where ppl can join you guys will always be first in line and can even become moderators in my streams!! 

If you become a patron i thank you from the bottom of my heart it means my content is enjoyable and worth watching and spending money on. Im truly grateful for each and every one of you!! You guys here are among the elite who watch my content. 


$0 of $50 per month
i will do a huge patreon only live stream and giveaway!! (see the posts when it gets close to goal for more details)
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