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About Games Nostalgia

What is Games Nostalgia
Games Nostalgia wants to be the best retrogaming website ever! Why do we think this is possible? Because unlike other sites, we LOVE and play those games. You can feel it when you browse GamesNostalgia. Our articles and reviews are not just copied from the internet; our words come from our heart. And this is why our logo IS a heart.
Our download archive is not made of random files: we test, configure, fix and play all the games we publish. If this was not enough, we have developed a unique system that allows us to package the games and the emulators together, so that you can run them with a click, both for PC and Mac. Finally, for all the games we publish, we provide a link where you can purchase an official copy when it's available.

Why we are on Patreon
Running a website has many costs, especially if it's a website offering free downloads. Bandwidth is costly, and the more people download, the more we need to pay. The first reason why we are here is to keep the site alive, and possibly purchase additional bandwidth to store more files and increase the download speed.
Second, all the work we do it's done in our spare time, and spare time is always limited. If you sustain us, we can increase the time we work on this project, make the website better, improve it, write more articles, add more games, write reviews or publish gameplay videos.

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