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GamesROB Supporter

per month
- Support the GamesROB's development including new updates.

- Get bot benefits
  • Select animated emojis in games.
  • Unlock all background images for your profile. 
  • Token multiplier: 1.25x / Upvote multiplier: 2x
  • Command cooldowns decreased or removed.
  • (Optionally) Have your name show up as AI - Just ask us!

- Support server benefits
  • Hoisted Patrons role (be higher up than regular users in the member list).
  • Access to the secret #patrons channel.
  • Choose the color you want your name to be in chat and in the member list of the GamesROB Server.
Includes Discord benefits


per month
- Support GamesROB's development even more! <3

- Get VIP benefits on the bot
  • Cooldowns are further decreased or removed.
  • The emoji command won't cost you anything.
  • Unlock `g*daily`  to get daily tokens on top of your upvote rewards.
  • Token multiplier: 1.5x / Upvote multiplier: 4x.
  • Upload custom backgrounds for your profile.
Plus all the rewards from previous tiers.
Includes Discord benefits

GamesROB Premium

per month
- Support GamesROB's development a crazy amount. Thank you so much!

- Add the Premium bot to a server of your choice!
  • All members have the command cooldowns of Supporter Patrons by default.
  • Create game tournaments in your server, the user with most wins at the end gets a prize of your choice.
  • Your server can have an independent token economy, which you can manage and name whatever you want.

Plus all the rewards from previous tiers. 
Includes Discord benefits




per month

About deprilula28 and Fin

Hey everyone!

GamesROB Started as a passion project, and it has grown to have literally millions of users and nearly 100,000 servers which is insane.
Sadly though, as the bot grows the hardware we need to keep it running also gets more and more expensive over time so we need some help from you guys to keep it up and running. From the bot's creation on November 25th 2017 until December of 2018 we kept the bot running solely with our own money, and the bot finally became self-sustaining in early 2020.
One of our main goals is to keep the bot at it's core free for everyone, this means we aren't going to lock any games off from the public. Instead, we decided to give Patrons extra exclusive features and cosmetics that compliment the user experience enough to say thank you without making them essential for anyone using the bot- similar to how Discord Nitro works, they're nice-to-haves not need-to-haves.
We really truly appreciate that you even took the time to read this and considered supporting us, keep in mind donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and it adds up quickly. Whether you decide to pledge or not, we hope you continue to enjoy and use GamesROB to have some fun.

The GamesROB Team
$175.27 of $250 per month
At $250/mo we will be able to substantially speed up image based games and commands.
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