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 A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.....aaaand, we just got sued. In all seriousness, just a few short years ago, a duo of nobodies from nowhere in particular decided that if they put their 2 heads together, they just might equal one coherent thought, and bam! The Official Gamestitch Podcast was born!

Developed out of a deep love and respect for video game culture, Ryan and Dan used their collective $1.37 to throw caution to the wind and pursue their dream of sharing their opinions with the world!

4 years later and 200+ episodes of sharing thoughts and opinions, sprinkled with their own brand of humor, the man-children realized it was time for some personal and professional development, which brings us to this very moment.

The Gamestitch Crew has never been above begging, and they're not above it now. For less than a cup of coffee a day(sued again!) you can take part in the joy that Ryan and Dan bring to the globe, and get a little something for yourself in the process. Remember, a subscription to The Official Gamestitch Podcast is a subscription for freedom and a prescription for honor!.....I have no idea what that means, but man, does it sound cool!!

Thanks to you for your continued support,
Ryan and Dan
The Official Gamestitch Podcast

Funded Goals:
Patrons! Here are the goals you've helped us reach so far! Your support has lead us to some awesome content designed especially for you.

February 2017
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When we hit this goal, we will each play a game from our back catalog....with a special Gamestitch twist: We don't pick our own game, we pick the game for the other hosts'! There's only one way this can end, and it ain't good!
Funded at $9
$22.41 of $50 per month

When you help us reach this goal, we'll  decide on a new segment for The Official Gamestitch Podcast!
Non-Recurring Goal
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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