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My undying supporter! Your support is awesome! You get access to the archived comics two days before the unwashed masses get to see them!

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You get to see the archived comics two days before anyone else does, you get to vote on the short stories I write, AND you get to see BRAND NEW CONTENT a MONTH before anyone else does! Oh, and you get access to an EXCLUSIVE Discord role.
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You get the PDF of the Gaming Guardians book. The first 100 pages which were COMPLETELY REDRAWN by my ever lovin' co-creator Webtroll! You'll also get PDFs of comics and fiction when they get created! Oh, and you get access to everything from the lower tiers along with the occasional email about silly things I've done or will be doing!
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About Gaming Guardians


Hi! I'm Graveyard Greg. I'm a writer, and I like to create new worlds all the time. I'm known for such webcomics as Gaming Guardians and Dungeons & Denizens. I'm also known for my fiction such as the Species of Blessing Avenue. I'm also known for some furry comics, but that's another Patreon altogether...

I'm very excited you found my Patreon page and are interested in joining the amazing community of fans! As my patron you'll get access to the original archives of webcomics as I post them before anyone else and new comics and fiction as they are created!

GAMING GUARDIANS was the first webcomic I wrote. It has an archive of over 1,500 pages with a couple of spinoffs. Then real life hit my favorite artist followed by the economy. I tried to keep it going, but I lost the battle.

Thanks to Patreon, I could just win the war, though. Your support can bring back the comic for the final storyline. Will WebTroll be a part of it? I don't know, but the more support we get, the better the chances are! Currently we're posting the archives every day of the week, and when we reach our goals we'll most likely update once a week!

That's it for now, but keep your eyes on this Patreon, because we're just getting started!
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A new webcomic based on my Twitch channel adventures!
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