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About Gaming Pastime

What is Gaming Pastime?
Gaming Pastime is a YouTube channel created by two gaming enthusiasts. We aim to deliver authentic reviews on video games across multiple systems, including video game modifications. We don’t limit ourselves to any specific platform, franchise, or genre. We are only limited by what we own and have access to which is currently a wide variety of systems and games and is always expanding.

Why support Gaming Pastime?
Nobody should feel obligated to pledge money. If you’re a fan of our content and can afford to do so, please feel free to pledge. We plan on maintaining the channel with or without pledges. The funds will primarily be used to keep our technology up to date so we can keep producing quality content.

Where is the money going?
  • Hardware – PC hardware and recording equipment is not exactly cheap so all funds will first be invested into any needed hardware to keep the videos coming and the channel going. PC hardware includes motherboards, RAM, hard drives, monitors, video cards, and CPU’s. Recording equipment includes capture cards and devices, microphones, and any necessary cables. Hardware will also include televisions and upscalers.

  • Software – We use Adobe software like Adobe Premiere to create and edit videos. We primarily use NVIDIA ShadowPlay to record PC games but on rare occasions we’ll use other software that may cost money like Fraps or Bandicam. If the hardware requirements are met, the money will then be invested into the necessary software.

  • Consoles and games – If the hardware and software requirements are met and we have money left over, we will invest the remaining funds into console and games. Otherwise, we will continue to purchase consoles and games with our own money. Between the two of us, we have a rather large collection of consoles and games so we have plenty of resources to keep creating content for years to come. 

What about
No pledges will be invested into the website at this time. We will continue to fund that ourselves until we have a clear plan on where we want it to go. All funds will be invested into the channel.

What types of content can we expect?
We focus on delivering quality reviews of video games and have no intention on stopping. We plan on producing only video game related content. Our current fan base has grown because of our reviews but we are open to producing different types of content. It all depends on what the audience wants. Reviews are currently the priority and lifeblood of the channel.

Do you plan on releasing content outside of YouTube?
It has been discussed. YouTube is currently the best platform for reaching the largest audience. We have no intention on leaving YouTube anytime soon and are open to releasing our content on other platforms. We have no intention on producing exclusive content for any specific platform.

Is Gaming Pastime supported by other forms of income?
We earn little money from ad revenue from our videos and website but that’s it. We currently fund everything ourselves.

For any questions, concerns, business inquiries or to simply send us your hate mail, please send an email to [email protected].
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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