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is creating knitting patterns made by encoding words as stitches
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If you fund me at $1 a month or more, you may suggest one word per month (here are the guidelines). I randomly draw one word from the month's suggestions and turn it into a knitting stitch, which is then published for free on my blog for people to use in personal or professional designs. Unused words go into my word hoard, which is used for backup suggestions in months when nobody suggests anything. If we get to my next goal, I will also start drawing a second word each month from the word hoard.
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If you fund me at $3 a month or more, you may suggest one word per month for me to possibly turn into a knitting stitch as described in the $1 reward. You will also be able to see in-progress posts about my design process for the month's word. Thanks!




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About Naomi Parkhurst

I'm a  knitting designer. I am working on a knitting stitch dictionary as well as independently publishing patterns for accessories like hats and shawls and bags. In between work on the book and the patterns, I like to write blog posts that explain a variety of  techniques as well as sharing stitch patterns I've designed that aren't going into the stitch dictionaries I have planned.

The stitch patterns I like most to create are kind of—but not exactly—a secret code. I turn the letters of words into numbers; I graph the numbers on a chart; I turn the chart into lace or other stitch designs. The results are striking even without knowing the hidden meanings.

I'll be able to spend more time on writing those posts with your help. Patrons can help me choose something to encode every month here on Patreon, and then I'll post the result on my blog. I think we could call it a secret code stitch-of-the-month club.

Sometimes I play with charts from other crafts. Sometimes it's purely numbers - a roll of the dice, or maybe sequences like the digits of pi or the Fibonacci sequence.
$125 – reached! per month
Designing knitting stitches is a lot of work. Work I really enjoy, but that's no reason not to be paid for it. In fact, isn't it ideal to have paid work that's enjoyable?

If we can get $125 or more pledged each month, I'll start encoding three words each month. This third word will be randomly drawn from the month's suggestions; failing that, I'll draw it randomly from the hoard.

What fun that we've come this far!
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