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About Christopher Robin Negelein

Watch a world be born.
Heck, watch several worlds be born. My Patreons, Alligator Alley Entertaiment and I have settled on Solar Sails, a setting where trade and piracy are alive on magic ships that cross the void after the original world, Tamalu, imploded in a day. Life clings to floating islands in the void. Every month find out how this world building gets done along and by joining our crew,. You'll get exclusive reads of first drafts, advanced blog posts and some 5e freebies along the way

The one behind the curtain.
I'm Christopher Robin Negelein a game/story writer for the wildly imaginative sci-fi RPG, Esper Genesis, for 5e. It's a familiar setting to Mass Effect fans. The intro version was also nominated for the 2018 ENnies. I'm also Ganza Gaming, one of the bigger community content creators for the Cypher RPG from Monte Cook Games. And I've written fiction over the years, which you can find out in the wild and in both games.

There are more astronauts than there are full-time RPG designers.
-- Matt Forbeck
So staring off, this Patreon isn’t even striving for the goal of helping me become a full-time tabletop RPG designer.  But my great fans keep asking me to make more and I want to give them more as compared to more overtime as a a nurse. So that is my first goal  Make enough that I can say "No thank you." to overtime at my day job and spend that time making RPGs stories.

If this can become solid side lline, anything else is gravy.
7 of 150 patrons
When we get 150 Patreons, One of two things will happen. 
1. I'll make a free public post on a monster (system agnostic) or other cool RPG  thing. When we get five of them, I'll collect them into a more polished PDF with 5e/OSR rules and shoot it out free to Deep Cut readers and above. 

Sadly, it's much more complicated for my Cypher fans, but I give you guys a heads up when it would appear as a Pay What You Want item for a limited on DriveThru RPG. 

2. Free short story! 
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