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"Primed Model" Level
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At the Primed Model Level, besides my undying gratitude, your name will be posted on the patrons page on the website.
This will give you a chance to see behind the curtain as to how the show is organized, and you can always look back to find the title of that odd thing that I mentioned during the Toolbox segment!
"Tabletop Standard" Level
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At the Tabletop Standard level, along with my gratitude and everything included at the $1 pledge level, you are now a part of the zombie hordes. That's right, you'll be entered into the monthly drawing for one of the "thousand zomblars" infesting the crypt here. The winner can choose from one of the original set of 210 square based swamp zombies or one of the new round based zombies. Either way, you'll possess a piece of Garagehammer history. (Caveat: You must be a patron for two months before you can be entered into drawings on any level.)

"Best Painted" Level
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At the Best Painted level, besides the gratitude, the $1 rewards and the $3 rewards patrons at this level will be invited to a private Garagehammer Google Hangout Session every other month. They will be at least an hour long (you all know how much I like to talk) and questions and topics from the group are the order of the day!
I don't know why you'd want to spend money to talk to me in a group chat while you paint, but several of you suggested this reward so here it is!

Also, patrons at this level for three months will receive an official Garagehammer Combat Gauge from Six Squared Studios!




per episode


Welcome to the Garage's Patreon page you tools!

If you're a fan of the show, you know I'm entering my ninth year of bringing you all the latest news and reviews from the fantasy side of Warhammer by Games Workshop. That's right, five years of twice a month Warhammer Fantasy Battles, followed by Warhammer Age of Sigmar since its inception July 2015!

So why run a Patreon?
Currently the show's sponsors keep the show running. Their support pays for the website, hosting, prizes for patrons, and a home base for our Warhammer events.
This page offers a new way to do things. You the listener can support the show by "tipping" per episode. This is really cool because it means that the show gets its support from the people that the show is made for, you the listener. Rest assured, this show always has been and always will be a free podcast, and I appreciate you listening whether you decide to become a patron or not.

So what will your support do?
Well, there are three main things I want to be able to do with the show:

First, if the show's primary support becomes the listeners, then they are the ones helping guide the direction of the show. 

Listener support allows us to keep getting the newest AoS products for review, helps us to get to tournaments, and (possibly most importantly) allows the show to bring in extra episodes on other topics and through other media.

This means regular episodes of GarageGamer, where we talk about all sorts of non-AoS stuff. Sometimes Garagegamer is other games, and sometimes it's books, movies, or some of the other fandom conventions that we go to.

This also means Garagehammer TV on you tube. This, admittedly, has been on and off, but your patronage will allow me to get some guys in who know video production and can get me to a level where we can post regular videos.

Of course, those aren't the only things I have rolling around in my head, but they are the big three. In truth, this is just an appeal to the longtime listeners (as well as any noobs) to help me grow the show into something bigger than it's ever been, you are awesome! Thanks for thinking enough of the show to personally join in and help it grow more than we ever thought it would. 

Most of all, whether you decide to become a patron or not, thank you so much for being a listener, and please accept my sincerest thanks for all of your support every time you download an episode and listen to me share my love of tabletop war gaming (and probably a few of my other fandoms).

$336.31 of $400 per episode
Once we hit this per episode goal I will get equipment and begin producing videos for the Garagehammer YouTube channel. Unboxing. Battle reports. Anything I can think of (or you can suggest and I can pull off.) More Garagehammer! Yay!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts

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