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Hi. I'm Diana. I make software.

I have written tooling libraries, web frameworks, tutorials, documentation, and a few terminal games. Chiefly I have worked with distributed databases like CouchDB, the social media protocol ActivityPub, and peer-to-peer technologies like Dat, IPFS, Stellar, and Secure-Scuttlebutt. I like software, and I like making it. It's like writing a story that gets up and walks away, a story that can be printed infinitely and distributed effortlessly.

But the business of software development isn't particularly good for software. Despite software's potential for liberating labor from tedium and enabling wonders beyond scarcity, rentiers use software to disenfranchise labor, to inflict scarcity where none existed. Every ad. Every tracker. Every paywall. Do you understand? We don't need any of it. We never did.

I'd like to break out of that cycle by appealing to a broad network for support so I can buy back my own time and commit it to making ethical software. No paywalls, no ads, no trackers, and no crossing picket lines. Just accessible works that respect you and the labor that made it.

Here are some thing I made:

- Chaiseblog: A diary app that stores everything in your browser, so it never leaves your computer.
- Mastermind-Game: A terminal version of the board game Mastermind.
- Dat-Librarian: A JavaScript library for working with many Dat archives.
- Regarding why software is so bad: An essay.

If you'd like to support me in this, consider becoming a patron! It will help me afford food and rent and medicine. If I get enough support, I can pass it throughout my stack -- to all the developers whose works I depend on and to the contributors who improve the things I make, because software is so inevitably complicated that it cannot exist except through distributed effort. Alone I can make software, but together we can make great software.

Here are some links:

- Github
- Fediverse
- Blog

Thank you for your support!
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