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About Garden of Eden

Quinn has accomplished great things so far, and he’s about to do a whole lot more!

He has established a long track record of success and dedication to humanitarian and ecologically sustainable works.

Let’s give him and his community the boost they need to achieve the next level of giving, sharing, and sustainable solutions!

Here’s the scoop:

Quinn Eaker is a singular man who has been taking on some of the world’s most dire issues right in his own community: hunger, homelessness, childhood abuse, domestic violence, PTSD, depression, and addiction in one hand, and chronic illness, pain, hopelessness, spiritual depravity, ignorance, and disempowerment in the other.

Not to mention he does everything in his power to counter the rampant rape and ruin of our planet Earth!

He is dedicated to living an ecologically sustainable life for himself and his family and to creating sustainable living infrastructure for as many others as possible.

For the last 8 years, he has been dedicated to serving humanity and our planet...
Seriously dedicated - 12-18 hour days, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - NO breaks, NO vacations!
After receiving a donation of a 3.37 acre piece of land with a 4,000 square foot house on it, he began to create the foundations of his community.
He started gardening, making compost, and inviting people to come participate and live in peace with him.
He’s been at it ever since, and now the community has a dozen strong and dedicated full-time volunteers striving towards the same goal.

Each year, his Garden of Eden ecovillage achieves more than the year before:

They house and feed people for free.
They take hot meals by the 100’s to the streets and serve them with love to those who call those streets home - despite the fact that it is illegal to feed homeless people in the DFW metroplex.
They take in people with nowhere else to go and allow them to stay and eat for as long as they need or want.
They provide a safe home for single mothers escaping domestic violence and their children.
They raise the standard of living for all those they take in, not just by providing more amenities and better food, but by providing soul food with the emotional and psychological support needed to recover from trauma, disease, and addiction.

They empower and educate people for free.
They write & publish 1000’s of free online articles on topics like natural health, organic gardening, permaculture, wildcrafted food and medicine, conscious parenting, civil rights, ethical business practices, and more.
They host dozens of free classes and workshops on the same topics.
They hold daily meetings for their volunteer community members to inspire them to be thinkers, teachers, and leaders.

They save hundreds of thousands of pounds of “trash” resources from polluting the Earth in landfills.
They rescue yard waste and turn it into a flourishing food garden.
They compost all their own human waste and save millions of gallons of fresh water from being polluted.
They salvage organic food waste and alchemize it into benefit for life.
They repurpose leftover or unwanted building materials and use them to create housing for those without shelter.

They provide a safe space for children and families to heal and grow together.
They help parents work out their own dysfunctions before they pass them on to their children.
Through counseling and by example, they help people break free from cycles of abuse that stretch back for generations.
They encourage children to participate in as many aspects of community life as possible, fostering responsibility, capability, and respect in the children, and providing the gift of their joy and innocence to those who take them under their wings.

How do they do it?

Quinn has managed to keep the community afloat by keeping costs ultra low, reinvesting all business profits in outreach, and even donating his personal earnings from private consulting and speaking.
The community includes about a dozen working volunteers, and another dozen people who don’t work - children, elderly, disabled, and people taking refuge.
The whole community of 20+ people spends less each month than even single people living in apartments!
Over the past 8 years, he has created and grown ethical businesses whose proceeds are paid forward in service.
These businesses offer goods and services, all related to health, empowerment, and sustainability, and all monies raised through their work have been channelled into sustaining and supporting the operation.

In the past 8 years of his sustainable and humanitarian works, Quinn and his organization have received only a few thousand dollars in straight donations.
The ethical merchantry businesses that fund their humanitarian works cost time, sweat, and real money.
They don’t have a wealthy private benefactor.
They don’t have corporate sponsorship.
They don’t receive grants or funding from any government (do a Google search for Garden of Eden SWAT raid to see how the government “supports” these humanitarian efforts).
And no one receives a salary or wage, not even Quinn.

They are more than just a non-profit, providing helpful goods and services: they are soul-diers, fighting for a better life for ALL.

Inspired by Quinn’s unwavering ideals, each and every one of the volunteers who lives and works at the Garden of Eden gifts their daily labor to serve and grow the community.

They have done all of this themselves - now Imagine what they could accomplish with YOUR support!!

Quinn is a man with a vision - his greatest life goal is to create sustainable communities around the world.
He wants to create places where people can live in health, peace, freedom, and in harmony with the Earth.
Places where people can enjoy a high quality of life, while making a low ecological impact.
Places where young families, single mothers, the ill, and the elderly can receive the support they need.
Places where people are free from the stress and toxicity of the everyday matrix-like world.

To blast off to the next level, they need help covering the GOE’s operating costs.
They can do anything, but they can’t do everything, and running the businesses comes at the cost of reaching more people.
With extra funds to cover operational costs, Quinn can serve a higher purpose, a bigger cause, and more people - without the overhead of a 70-80 hour work week.
They could compensate their most dedicated volunteers who have given years of their life force to building a better world.
They could provide care above and beyond their in-house services for people with special needs.
The more they raise, the more they can do!

YOU are invited to join the community! Can you match their contributions??

Even if you cannot give of your physical labor or resources, financial contributions can go a looooong way towards covering operational costs of this great service to humanity!

These operational costs are still vastly lower than any comparable project:
$5 can cover the cost of 1 healthy, delicious, sustainable meal they harvest, prepare, deliver, serve, and clean up after...and it’s not gruel and a crust of bread - this is high vibe, fresh, wholesome food made from scratch.
$10 can cover the manpower cost needed to make 100 pounds of compost.
$15 can cover the manpower cost of saving 500 pounds of trash from the landfill.
$20 can cover the cost of 1 of the boxes of groceries they give away each day.
$50 can cover a month’s worth of transportation costs.
$150 can cover the living expenses for one resident for an entire month.
$300 can cover the expense of the 60 free, hot meals they give away each day.
$500 can cover the manpower cost of salvaging building materials & constructing a whole shed or tiny home.
$3000 covers the rent, property tax, and utilities for our entire community for a whole month.
And with higher donations, they could do even MORE!

Imagine the possibilities of this:
$15,000 would cover 3 months expenses for 20 full time volunteers & their generous operations.
$30,000 would cover 6 months for the whole community AND the world they serve.
$100,000 would cover an entire year's expensive + expansive outreach of feeding 40,000 free meals, saving 350,000 pounds of trash from the landfill, achieving a negative zero carbon footprint, publishing thousands of articles, providing homes to people in need, supporting hundreds of people in need of deep soul healing AND establish infrastructure to do more!
With a million dollars, they could establish a whole new network of ecovillages to care for hundreds of families and thousands of people

With YOUR support, they can radically upgrade the lives of more people than ever!

If you think this project is good for the world and worth supporting, then DONATE NOW, share on social media, and tell your friends!

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