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Many thanks for your support. Every dollar of support that I receive allows me to to keep producing work that I don't have to charge for and that makes a difference in people's lives. 

In addition to supporting me and other people that need this content, I am also donating half of everything that I receive through this platform to projects and organisations that use education to uplift others. 

If you'd like to support but aren't in a position to support financially, you can share my content or invite others to join the free Facebook group. I believe that this kind of support can often make an even bigger difference than money.

Access the "Design Your Life" Facebook community here.

You can also access more content, updates on the education projects that you're supporting, as well as my progress towards my goals on my website.

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About Gareth Pickering

I'm Gareth. I'm a full-time traveler and Digital Nomad. My passion is in technology and education. I believe that leveraging advances in technology we can make high-quality content and education available to people that may not previously have had access to it.

I believe that many of the problems we face in our world can be solved through education, and that everyone has something that they can teach and bring into the world.
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Support from this goal will support me and cover some of the costs of my team to allow me to carry on creating content which I can give away for free to assist and inspire others to design a life that they love. 

This initial monthly goal will also mean $1,000 each month goes towards education projects that uplift people that need it most! 
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