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So you've visited Garfield's Crossing and fallen in love with its charm. Remember, all small towns survive on Tourism!

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Some come to visit, some come to stay. As a city dweller with a plot of land inside our town limits, the people of the town begin to open up and give a peek behind the scenes.

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About Garfield's Crossing

GARFIELD'S CROSSING is a collaborative storytelling project centered around a fictitious town in northwest Georgia. We envisioned the project as a way for writers to combine their talents in order to create an on-going immersive experience that did not have to be restricted to one genre, or even one medium.

The collected tales of our strange little mountain hamlet can be read in the STORIES section, or listened to via our PODCAST, which is available on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and Google Play.

By supporting us per creation, you are contributing for every written story, podcast episode, and original video production that is not a behind-the-scenes piece. 

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