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You're a cool cat. You're #based. And you have my undying gratitude. For pledging just a single dollar a month, you get access to my Patreon page!

Here's where you'll find a bunch of really neat stuff! 
  • You'll be able to see my finished art here, and in standard resolution before anyone else! Before my Twitter followers, before my Tumblr followers, and before my FurAffinity Followers!
  • You also get access to my Patreon exclusive Discord server where we shoot the shit and hang out and shit. During the sketch streams, I open up the Discord voice channel and open it for all to come in. By pledging 99¢ you get the ever so elusive "Bronze" role in my Patreon. Come in and shoot the shit! We've got an active community and welcome in new members, artists and lurkers! Have the opportunity to insult Garuda and his artwork personally on the discord server! The opportunity is yours!~
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Would you like to show your support, but have more than a dollar to spare? Want to show some love? Then this is the tier for you!

For 5$ a month you get
  • All perks from SILVER
  • Instant access to early unfinished WIPs, sketches, studies and concept arts of mine.
  • Access to the '#patreon-art' channel in my Discord Server
  • Access to poll voting
  • Access to 'The Vault.' A google drive with nearly everything I've ever drawn. (Expect later in spring 2021)
  • Access to High Resolution PNGs. SAI files, brushes settings and textures available upon request.
  • 5$ discount on all commissions
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Do you only indulge in the best of the best? Do you drive a lambo? Do you have a swimming pool inside of your swimming pool? Do you bathe in nothing but pure artisanal fiji water? Do you wipe your ass with benjamins?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above, then this is the tier for you!

For 10$ a month you get:

  • All perks from BRONZE and SILVER
  • Access to the '#gold-squad' discord channel.
  • Monthly poll suggestions
  • Exclusive/Reserved Commission slots
  • 10$ discount towards tommissions
  • Ability to put in requests for Pokemon Art Pack cameos after at least 3 months of consecutive pledging

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About Garuda

I draw all sorts of anthro style and anime styled characters in all sorts of fun (and sometimes kinky!) situations! Many of the characters I draw are usually well endowed, expanded or very voluptuous! If that's your cup of tea, you've come to right place! If it isn't, stick around! There's a little something for everyone!

I always release all my works on my FA page here. 

Consider this as a tip jar of sorts. If you like what I do and enjoy my artwork, please consider a humble pledge of 99¢!  That'd be #based and hella rad. As a show of appreciation I'll hook you up with a bunch of goodies! Check the pledge rewards for the full list! It's a lot of cool stuff!

If you're really feeling generous you can join the 10 dollar pledge tier! The ever so elusive tier that has a few extra perks as well!
$150 - reached! per month
I might be able to upgrade to Starbucks!
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