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Welcome, if you found the way to my lair. :3

My name is Rudi and I'm a middle-aged software developer and game-addict from Germany. I've specialized in Drupal, a community-driven open-source content management platform.

Currently my favorite public project is the website, a "Summoners War" game-related website fed with tons of player profiles from all servers, to provide a reliable source for data and help players to progress and maximize their potential.

Since this all started due to me being the leader of the European guild "Gods Army" (abbr: GA), the name of the project was determined long ago. But to add a short comment regarding the "religious" aspect of the guild name ... if I ever had to choose one god, I would prefer Pastafari over any other god. :D

While doing weekly statistics for quite a few years now (mainly guild war and guild siege), I was looking for a way to provide my guild with a "special something" that ensures that the guild I loved will stay alive even if all hell breaks loose.

Why? Because so many guilds died because of pressure due to siege member / activity requirements. Rest in peace, everyone. <3

And since I continue to add more and more stuff to the website and started to make it publicly available during the last year, its time to take the next step: Share more stuff with people that enjoy it.

So if you want to support me and my little project, I'd appreciate your patronage.
The to-do list surely is nowhere near "empty", so use this chance and help MAKE THE FUTURE.

$12.72 of $100 per month
Well ... I had reserved this change as goal once I reached 100$, but my old webhoster left me with no choice.

After causing too many issues with the database server, the webhoster terminated the contract and I had to move to a new, but more expensive server earlier then expected.

The target will remain as it is, but once I reach the designated goal, I will think about a replacement. <3
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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