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About Gary Numan

Ghost Nation

For many years I’ve looked at ways of bringing fans closer to me, making the relationship better. It started back in the day with the Fan Club. Then we had the phone lines and monthly competitions. We now have Meet and Greets and people coming to rehearsals, new album campaigns and, more recently, the ‘In Conversation’ events.

What I’ve found though is that it’s not an easy thing to get right. What works for some people doesn’t work for others. So, I would like to build a fan community, something that people can be a part of at whatever level they’re comfortable with. Not for the fanatics, because they scare me, and not for the casual, because they only come along if they’ve nothing better to do, but for the real, hard core fan.

Social Media is great, it can offer things that are valuable and informative, but it’s like having a beautiful garden with no fence. Anyone can just wander in, start trouble, cause damage and then leave, and they do it with a mask on so you can’t know them, or keep them out. I find that demoralising and wasteful of time and energy. I want to build something that is more exclusive, where only real fans come in, and where you get something you just can’t get anywhere else. Something more rewarding. Something that gives you an even greater insight into my working life, and my private life. So, I’ve created this, a Patreon project called Ghost Nation.

Ghost Nation is a monthly subscription service and so, because it isn’t built around a single project, like a new album for example, it has no end as such. As long I have something to offer, and fans are interested and want to be involved, it can just keep going. Ultimately, what I’d like to create is a place where you can be a witness not just to the making of an album, but to my life.

As it progresses, and based very much on what fans like, don’t like, and would like to see in the future, I hope that it will quickly evolve and grow into a genuine community for genuine fans. But, I must make it very clear, this is very much an experiment, and it might not work out. It might be too big an addition to my workload, it might not be interesting enough for you, it might create too much friction, who knows? But, I think it’s worth a try.

Ghost Nation has four different tiers, The entry level is called ‘Pure’, the next level ‘Dark’, then ‘Shadow’ and finally, the top tier, that offers the most, is called ‘Ghost’. You can subscribe to whatever tier suits you best, and you can upgrade or downgrade to different tiers whenever you wish.

What I’m offering as we launch is just my first attempt to offer things I hope you will find interesting, entertaining and worthwhile. Some will work, some will not, some will last, some will be abandoned along the way. But, this experiment is something that could grow and, if it does, it will inevitably evolve as we learn, hopefully for the better. I want this to last for many years so it’s important that we grow it together, and carefully. I want to create a place where the true fan can finally get that insider look at who I am, and what I do. I’m not just an independent artist, I’m also self-managed, so I probably make two mistakes for every one good decision. But, I’m always moving forward, always learning, always adapting. It’s a constant challenge, but one I hope you’ll be interested in being a part of.

If you want to be a part of the journey, then welcome to the Ghost Nation.

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