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After more than 40 years as an awarding winning newspaper photographer, I am on a new path.

My first and immediate goal is to be able to make a living from my fine art photography either through the generosity of patrons of the arts like those on Patreon here and some print sales. This would allow me to spread my wings with my fine art photography and see where it might go.

One of my grand visions is to create a pop-up art gallery where I can rent space, display my photographs or even the art of others, with all costs paid for through Patreon. Those costs include printing and framing of photographs and finding a place to rent in a vibrant area in places where I live or travel through on a regular basis in the cities of Kelowna, Vancouver, and Victoria, B.C, Canada.

If successful my long-term goal would also be to give back to struggling artists who I seek out and admire here on Patreon.

Thank you for those that share my vision and goals.
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