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About Gatunitos

Hi everyone!

We are a family of rescuers with a mission of love and caring for all the stray abandoned kittens in Dominican Republic. We have a little shelter in our own house named GATUNITOS.This mission started in 2014, we rescue kittens from the streets and take care of them with love until we find a loving home for them.

We love to take beautiful pictures of our lovely Gatunitos, and that gave us the idea of making a Patreon account, to promote this mission we make everyday through emotive pictures, to let you know what we do, and to be closer to your heart with all the warm and beautiful stories of the little kittens we have rescued, those little ones we love so much, we give our best everyday to make them happy.

GATUNITOS Rescue Team is volunteer run and 100% of your donations go directly to saving the lives of stray rescue kittens. Your donation can save a life and help a kitten find a forever home.

Please help us in this mission of love and caring for all the stray and abandoned kittens in Dominican Republic!

We'd love to help more kittens in need, and with YOU we can!
GATUNITOS needs your help to continue this mission of love.

*Donations will be used to cover feline medical needs (vaccines, castration, medicine) and daily supplies (food and cat litter).

$0 of $500 per month

This first goal 
will be use to cover our rescue Kittens medical needs (vaccines, castration, medicine) and daily supplies (food and cat litter) 
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