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About gavilander

Venezuelan Trying to get some profit here. I'll put my skills and party tricks to your service for a slave labor price. Skills Like:

  • - Guitar player Acoustic Nylon strings finger stile Classic guitar on a decent level.

  • - I also Own a Stratocaster but I mainly play finger stile.

  • - I can cover popular songs with a Cuatro (some sort of Venezuelan "Ukulele").

  • - I don't know if I can sing, I mean Roomie is here on Patreon Im not sure if what do qualify as singing.

  • - Harmonica I play the diatonic but I only have a Marine Band in A key Im pretty good at it.

  • - Harmonica Beatbox yeah I still do that thing and not just like a party trick I also try to add it to my music, even if can't afford the fancy loop pedals that Ed Sheeran could buy when he was Broke, Im Venezuelan Broke that's broke in another level, sorry Ed you know it's truth.

  • - I have some nunchucks and Im not afraid to show my moves.

  • - I also have some dance moves as well.

  • - Finally I can make handmade portraits caricatures drawings or illustrations black and withe mostly.
Currently living in Venezuela putting my art side to work for me, as I said Venezuelan Broke, Video coming soon

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