blekkenhorst is creating unsettling comics and video "games"


$1 /mo
A devout congregant is the backbone of any cult. You'll receive early access to some artifacts, as well as access to a few objects unavailable to mere "followers".  You'll also have my love, and I'...


$3 /mo
 Invited into the inner sanctum. Earlier access to slightly more artifacts, including things that may "spoil" future rituals,  as well as slight say in church policy. 

You also get a discount co...



$10 /mo
 As an ordained member of the higher order, you receive everything above, plus some free digital assets, a mish-mash of code and art assets for you to use at your peril.  You also receive discount ...


$20 /mo
Perhaps in those other clubs oracles act as a mouth piece of the divine, but here it only means that your ear is the closest. Oracles get access to everything on the feed, discount codes for the bo...

patron saint

$70 /mo
 Everything above, and I'll draw you the Patron Saint of the Concept of Your Choice for signing up.  You will get a full color halo and everything.