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▸Join in our Patreon-only Discord with daily posts on what we're up to. We also have live chats and special Q&As in there.
▸Access to multiple new Patreon posts each week and everything that's been shared in the past. Enjoy sneak peeks of upcoming content, concept work, behind-the-scenes info, and more.
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The 18+ Our Life: Beginnings & Always Patreon Bonus Moment.
▸View the 18+ posts on Patreon and the mature sections of the Discord channel.
▸Access to the current Floret Bond Beta Build.
▸All previous rewards.
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▸Access to the Our Life Beta Build
▸The right to vote in Patreon-only polls that will help shape our projects and determine fun extra content.
▸A key for each newly released game. (You must be a Patron during the month the game comes out.)  
▸All previous rewards.
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About GB Patch

Hello! This is the Patreon home of GB Patch Games. It is an 18+ only account. We're an indie dev company that creates Visual Novels/Interactive Fiction games. The nostalgic "Our Life" series is our main focus right now. Updates, sneak peeks, and extra bonus content for Our Life: Beginnings & Always as well as Our Life: Now & Forever are mainly what you'll get by supporting us on Patreon. But there are some other perks, too. Feel free to look around our prior posts to get an idea of what we're up to. We're active here almost every single day.

Important: This Patreon charges up-front! When joining, you'll pay the cost of your chosen tier right off the bat and then you'll be charged that price again at the start of every new month you're a supporter. This is helpful to keep in mind if you might want to join when it's near the very end of a month. You'll be charged for the current month and then again when the next month starts a short time later. Waiting a few days to join on the 1st of the new subscription period will work out to be a better deal.

September Monthly Wrap-Up (Viewable to non-patrons)

October Content Plans (Viewable to non-patrons)

Our Life: Beginnings & Always Patreon-Only Bonus Moment
 (Viewable to Tier 2 "Fans" and higher)

Our Life: Beginnings & Always Beta Build (Viewable to Tier 3 "Insiders" and higher)

These are all the nice bonuses you can get by supporting us here!

And this is our little library of fun projects. All but the second Our Life game are playable from start to finish!

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2,750 - reached! patrons
With this much support backing the company, we'll be set up so well that we could already start talking about what might come after all our currently announced projects are finished! Patrons will get to hear my ideas for the different directions GB Patch Games could go in the future and give their feedback on it at a time where it can really influence what we choose. 

Thank you so much for being here ❤

(Reached and fulfilled!)
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