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About Grace

Hey there! I'm Grace and I'm a DPT graduate student from Philadelphia, PA. But, most importantly, I make webcomics! I've been publishing my work online for over ten years now and started my current comic, Larkspur, in the summer of 2016. My first comic was made with sonic sprites and I still think it was my best one. 

| About the Comic |
is a comic about a girl gang in post-nuke Philadelphia. The story follows Dr. Odile Seares and her med school classmate, Dr. Gwen Cao, as they enter the radioactive exclusion zone that encapsulates the Northeastern US in search of work. In the process, they become entangled with Deathcamas, an all girl gang of vigilantes, and the gang politics that run the city. The driving principle of the story is exploring the choices that characters make to survive in an environment that doesn’t reward kindness, and how these choices tragically and comedically interact.

| How you can help |
Through Patreon, you can help me to cover the costs of keeping the comic and website going. If you would like to support my work but cannot do it monthly,  you can make a donation through PayPal, Ko-fi, or simply spread the word! Thank you for your continued support ❤
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If we can get this baby up to $200 a month, I'll try my damnedest to get out an extra page every week. :)
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