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You can pledge from as little as $1 per month. $1 per month is the equivalent of you giving me 1000 views! There are a few perks as well for being a patron;

  • You will have access to a patron only wall through this page. I use this wall to share patron only posts and content. 
  • You will have access to a patron only channel in our Discord community. (This channel will have patron/team gc only posts and content)
  • You will receive a patron role in the Discord community. This will also change your Discord username to a teal colour. (If you are Team GC, your username will stay as yellow)
  • You will be added to a priority queue for any of our 'Helping With' queue systems. For example; Our helping with The Division 2 raids queue. 
  • You will have access to private streams. I will do at least two private streams per month and only patrons and team gc will have access to them. I demonetise the stream and mark the stream for adults only. Most of these streams will just be like our none private ones but they are more intimate. 

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 $25 per month is the equivalent of you giving me 25,000 views! This is a big jump from tier one, if you would like to pledge more than $1 but less than $25, please select tier one and then adjust the amount from $1, to the amount you wish. 

  • You receive all extras from tier one. 
  • I will add you to my friends list on PS4 and keep you there. (Xbox and PC coming soon)

All patrons will receive tier two extras once they have pledged a cumulative amount of $25. 

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 $50 per month is the equivalent of you giving me 50,000 views! This is a huge amount, if you would like to pledge more than $25 but less than $50, please select tier two and change the pledge from $25 to the amount you wish. 

  • You will receive all the extras from tier one and two. 
  • After 2 months of pledges you will be given my personal mobile number and you can contact me through WhatsApp. You will also be invited to a WhatsApp group for only patrons and team gc. 

All patrons will receive tier three extras once they have pledged a cumulative amount of $100. 

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Thank you for visiting my Patreon Page. For anyone who doesn't know who I am, I am gcrock and I am a video games content creator and streamer. I am the founder of The Second Wave clan, and the founder of our gaming community (Discord: https://discord.gg/f7K4k7Y). I currently cover content for Tom Clancy's The Division 1+2. We also cover a range of content for other games on the YouTube channel but The Division is life. A big part of what we do is to bring people together in a community where anybody is welcome, nobody is judged, everybody is respected, and toxicity is left at the door. I have a great team and community behind me and we strive to help others with games that they love as well as making cool things happen! You can head over to my YouTube or website to check out the content.

Patreon allows you to subscribe to me for a monthly fee of your choosing and in return you will gain access to some extras. My vision is very clear, it is my dream to be doing this full time, in the future I want to be uploading videos everyday and I want to be streaming 5 days per week. I love what I do right now but my day job limits the potential. Over time with Patreon I hope to lower my hours in my job to eventually leave it and do this full time. For any of you who become a Patron, your money will be going towards making this happen. You will be supporting me to become a better content creator and improve in every aspect. You will be helping me to achieve my goals.

You can pledge anything from $1 per month. I have set up three tiers of extras which act like suggested amounts and each have their own extras. Most extras are unlocked from tier 1 and they are cumulative, for example; If you pledge $10 per month you will unlock tier 2 extras after 3 months of pledges, and tier 3 extras after 10 months of pledges. You will lose your extras if you chose to remove your pledge but will regain them from where you left off if you pledge again.  

I will end this with some messages that I have received from fans. Receiving this sort of feedback is so rewarding and I think they show exactly what we are trying to achieve;

Mark - Community Member
I’ve spent years playing games solo, never with anyone else and it’s only through your community have I now become aware of how fun and enjoyable playing these games with others really is. I still watch the Survival run we did to get those high scores with Cupid and Conky and laugh at the banter. The recent Raid runs have been so much fun, not just from playing the game but really feeling part of the community and swapping jokes and banter with you all...there aren’t many that can say they were there when the DonkeyPunchs split up live on air!

JDW - Community Member
Hey i just wanted to reach out on a personal level and tell you thank you!!! I just joined this community about a month ago and it has been a joy to be part of such a great community of people. I was not sure about it at first but have grown to feel part of something special. I have been trying to be part of a help out were i can. I love your videos and this community is filled with some great people that i can enjoy calling friends now. If i can help out in anyway i would like to take a more active roll. With most sites being filled with toxic people i was just blown away with how nice this one is. Just wanted to reach out and say ty and keep it up

Half Tilt (Patron) - Sent after I sent him a message thanking him for some donations. 
No, it is you who is the legend. Let me tell you why. I have been playing this game since launch. I have also been following a lot of youtubers who create content for it as well. I have even had a few add me as friends, but when I have tried to join they have always ignored me. They make content to show their skills or builds, anything to make them look good. You are different you make content to help the community. You allow anyone to join up with you just to finish a Flawless mission or incursion. You are truly an ambassador of this game and that is why you are the true Legend. Keep it up mate!

Jamie - Found us on our very first PC stream of the Division.
Hello G, My name is Jamie. We spoke a few times while you were streaming on the PC while playing The Division game. I want to say thank you and appreciate the kindness and helpfulness you and your team has done in your stream, and also your website has helped me understand more on how to play The Division game a lot better, and what gear build to use. Thank you for everything you do on your YouTube channel and your website.

20 – reached! patrons
We hit my first goal far quicker than I ever imagined, thank you all so much. My next goal is 20 patrons, to celebrate 20 patrons I will double the amount of private streams for a month. 
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