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Help support the upkeep of the site by supporting me with Kebab. Keeping the Information current requires a lot of work and a healthy Kebab supports that perfectly
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Carbs are an important part of the daily diet if energy is needed. While a kebab has all the healthy stuff with it beeing full of greens and good meat, fries and soda is where the powers at! Help me and the site by keeping a consistent energy level!
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I admit, I am a closeted romantic. Meeting the right one is what I look forward to. What better way to check if a girl is the right one is there but to take her for kebab and see if she is into the greatest food as much as you. By supporting me here you're giving me the chance to get the social interactions that make me happy and give me strengh to improve the site. 
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About Gearlexicon

The love for the outdoors and adventures requires gear. The right gear. With an abundance of manufacturers the aim of my website is to maintain a propper overview about the current gear on the market with a special love and regard for the Ultralight gear. Deciding what you need for your adventures requires research and propper lists. An independant overview about the current gear on the market will help you make the right decision and find the propper gear.
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