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Pictures of my beautiful cat!

Elivera Universe

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Poetry, snippets of music, and short stories will appear in this tier on a monthly basis. It'll all be from the universe of my created world, Elivera. This world is where most of my novels and computer games will take place. Join in for some fun adventures!

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Best of Both Worlds

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This tier includes both the nonfiction essays and the Elivera Universe articles and adventures!

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About Aidan Zingler

Who am I?

Aidan Zingler is a nonbinary queer individual, whose pronouns are they/them/their or ze/zem/zir.

I am an American writer of science fiction and poetry. I currently work a day job to make ends meet, and although I have a Bachelor’s in physics with a minor in music composition, my day job sadly doesn't require the use of my physics knowledge. So I use that knowledge in the worldbuilding for my science fiction and in writing science-focused nonfiction articles.

I have, throughout my life, advocated for impoverished communities, anti-racism movements, and trans communities in hopes of creating a more equal, equitable, sustainable, and just world.

In my spare time, I create fractals, play computer or board games with friends, visit forests, or hang out with my very fluffy cat named Sergeant Quark Amaya McFluffers.

Why Patreon?

I would love to be able to go part time on my day job, so I can devote more time to creating art and writing stories. To do that, I need a source of income that can offset the lost hours if I were to go to part time on my day job. Until I can do that, I have to try to manage my fragile health, day job, basic sustenance needs, caring for my beautiful cat Sgt. Quark Amaya McFluffers, and finding time for creativity. I am hoping Patreon can help me build up stable finances to help me balance my work-life better so I can engage in more of my love for writing and art.

My Elivera tier focuses on my Elivera Universe that I have been creating since I was in 5th grade. I have tomes of lore for this universe, lots of maps, and interesting little short fiction and poetry. I also have songs I wrote for this world, so over time, I'll start posting more about it in this tier.

I'd also like to do more writing about social justice and creating a better world by critically examining our society's marketplace of ideas, the "common sense" norms our society manufactures, and how to re-imagine a post-capitalist and humanity/environment-focused future, where all of us are free. I plan to help imagine that world through the use of nonfiction essays and book reviews that tackle such topics.

I also create fractal art, and once a month -- if a patron selects that tier -- I will do a live feed, saved to patreon after for past watching, of me creating a fractal. For commissioning a fractal, it's a one-time payment that I suggest doing through


The goal is to have an audio version of each written piece, but that may take some time and a bit of revenue before it's ready to go. Until then, happy reading!
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I hope to open Audio Paradise, where I have an audio recording of my writings for people to listen to. I'll use high-definition audio suite to make this!
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