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You will have the undying appreciation of Aly Baker and knowledge that you're helping us become first generation farmers and Hobbit like beekeepers plus:


  • High fives and/or hugs that last a second too long because I like you and think you're cool
  • Access to our online Herbarium of weird and fascinating facts about plants, herbology, potions, magic and more!
  • Exclusive updates related to our current projects which may or may not include me sitting in front of a bee hive enjoying endless hours of bee entertainment or making plant sketches
  • Tutorials and tribble-ations on random geeky gardening topics
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  • Geek+Tea Society Membership which means you'll be part of an elite society of do-gooders and tea-lovers and 5% off each purchase from our online store
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  • Plus free shipping on your first order as a Patreon supporter and one sample of our Skyrim-inspired teas!
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Muggles gain access to all tier 1, and tier 9 3/4 rewards plus:

  •  OWL delivered Adopt-a-Bee Gift Pack: adoption certificate and a sample of our Honey Bee tea and flower seeds packaged in a cloth bag (which doubles as a towel so you don't have to panic about the loss of pollinators)!  
  • Free registration to one of our Annual Bee-Day! beekeeping workshops
  • 10% off all online orders!



  • Plus free shipping on your first order as a Patreon supporter and one sample of our Skyrim-inspired teas!
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  • Geek+Tea-of-the-Month Membership: three small bags of one of our geeky teas each month and free shipping*
  • Information about the monthly theme, and each tea  
  • A random pin badge to wear proudly throughout your training as a Geek+Tea Society member in your first box!
  • Once you've donated to 6 months we'll send you a bonus
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  • Plus free shipping on your first order as a Patreon supporter and one sample of our Skyrim-inspired teas!

Note: Teas are themed each month, but do let us know if you have any allergies. If there's a specific tea you want, let me know. Otherwise I'll choose something random!  

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About Geek+Tea

Hiii!! Hey, there! Hello.

Welcome to the Geek+Tea Society!

For as long as I can remember I have loved plants. Plants are fascinating, they are all around us, and are completely taken for granted. 

I've wanted to create something to explore and celebrate this geekiness but not just a blog. I want to create an interactive forum where you can drive the story and content.  This is an idea and a project that has been brewing for years and it tickles me to know that I can share how awesome plants are, even if we just eat them and brew them into geeky teas.

Between my husband and I, we will be creating a wonderful collection of ethnobotanical references and building a Herbarium of magical folklore and tutorials on a wide range of topics related to herbology. It isn't just magical plants of Harry Potter (yes, we'll include those too) we'll discover flowers that heal, trees that feed, and berries that kill—plants that are the ally and the enemy. Our influences will come from travels through Middle-Earth, Skrim / Tamriel, pop culture and geek culture, and we'll boldly go where no tea has gone before.

We are also working on exclusive benefits for our Patreons inspired by some of your favourite geeky themes and games. From downloadable content that will stretch the imagination through time and space to solving puzzles to earn merch and testing your nerdy knowledge through a battle of wits. You can expect practical and satirical tutorials on how to garden like a Hobbit or Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. You'll go behind the scenes of our favourite geeky garden, watch endless hours of bees foraging in our Shire, and be inspired to try new recipes using our teas or brew up some mead to enjoy our geeky art and illustration.

But above all, if you have any questions then please feel free to ask and thank you for supporting Geek+Tea on Patreon!

For more information, I suggest you head to my Instagram:
And for the latest in geeky potions visit our Geek+Tea website here:

Live long and prosper, and drink tea!
Aly Baker
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