Geek Art

is creating custom geek stuff that's all about you!



About Geek Art

We are a startup based in Portugal that makes creative geek themed illustration frames with your personality!
How it works? Just send us your picture and we'll create one of a kind piece of art putting you in an iconic adventure like a lightsaber battle with your friend or just a simple illustration with our own original graphic style.
We also have other great ideas like mugs and t-shirts, but we do not have the resources of produce then right now. If you liked our idea and want to help us build it, support us here with any amount your heart wishes!
Our biggest supporters will be able to apear in the new designs that we launch every mounth because we have lots of ideas and we want you to be part of it!

Feel free to share this project with your familly, friends, girlfriend and even your dog (yes, we can make pets too!), and thanks for all of you that took yout precious time to know a little bit more about us!