Geekdomo is creating fabulous daily streamed content!

$2 /mo
This level, is AWESOMENESS! You will get bronze membership in the DomoTribe and be allowed to enter all low to midrange level drawings. It seems small but it all adds up. 

$5 /mo
This level is AWESOMEFACE! You will be hoisted to the silver VIP level and get much much face loving in your face. As a Silver VIP you are entered into every drawing but the very rare and e...

$10 /mo
Level MEGAFACE! - You will get all of the benefits above ↑↑↑ plus you will be listed in the description of all future YouTube videos as Producer. Also you get to play games with me at least...

$25 /mo
Level MEGAPANTS! - You get to choose what game I will be playing once a month (as schedule dictates). You get the benefits of all of the lower tiers. ↑↑↑ PLUS: You get to be GOLD VIP eligib...

$50 /mo
KING HAPPY PANTS! - You get all of the rewards listed above.↑↑↑ After 6 months at this level you get a free t-shirt of your choice from our swag store: