is creating 28mm Painted Tabletop Miniatures for RPGs & Twitch Streams
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Random NPC
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Who doesn’t love a Random NPC? These characters help to move a story along, and sometimes tag along for the adventure as well!

As a reward at this level you’ll get a weekly Twitter shout-out for being amazing. NPCs help me to keep the lights on as I paint

"What can I get ya?" said the Inn-Keep
per month

Being productive is super thirsty work, and every adventurer needs a drink or two. As our adventures local Inn-Keeper your support helps pay for postage for stream giveaways and rewards. 

For the cost of a coffee you’ll get a Twitter shout-out weekly for being amazing, and I’ll make sure I am retweeting your work (make sure to send me your Twitter handle). 

Quest Giver
per month

Where would an adventurer be without a quest!?

As a reward you will get all the benefits of the Random NPC, plus you will be rewarded with one painted Miniature every 12 Months from sign-up. These miniatures will be from some of my favourite UK based brands.

You’ll also get a discount code for all my online stores and any extra bonus’ I manage to convince other brands to give me.

Miniature, painting, basing and postage Worldwide included. 

Includes Discord rewards



About GeekGirlBookWorm

Hail and well met miniature adventurers! Welcome to my Patreon page, I'm so happy to have you here with me on my adventure.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I found Dungeons and Dragons with the release of 5e Starter Set while managing my local bookshop, and immediately started DMing for a few friends, collecting minis and books and dice. In more recent years I have been lucky enough to find a job that has allowed me to explore the RPG/Gaming industry in depth, allowing me opportunities to immerse myself in the miniature painting side of the hobby in a big way.

I started this Patreon in Jan 2019 as a way to help fund my hobby, get my name out into the industry, create miniatures, and do a bit of teaching within the community. By supporting me during 2019 my Patrons have allowed me to start taking time away from the office desk and get behind my craft desk instead, allowing me to try new products and share my experiences with them. Currently, I am able to create miniatures as rewards for my Patrons and also for my online stores (where my Patrons gain a special discount each month) as well as hosting live chats, and giveaways and paint sessions on my Twitch channel (Twitch.Tv/geekgirlbookworm). I am also the Dungeon Master for the WotC D&D Show Of Dice and Pen. GeekGirlBookWorm is becoming its own small brand and 2020 it’s onwards and upwards!

In 2020 I want to really focus on celebrating UK brands for within the hobby. I made a start on championing Atlantis Miniatures, Cerberus Studios, and Bad Squiddo Games in 2019, and I really want to work more with each of these companies in the coming years, raising them up and getting people excited in their brands through mine. INSTAR paints have been in contact and I am in discussions with them to work out a way for my Patrons to gain bonus goodies through them as well. I believe that anyone can paint, with practice and support and I aim to be that support for you, however you need it!

So why become my Patron?

  1. Interactions with me! I’m pretty cool (I think) and supportive of fellow painters, RPG nerds and the whole gaming community.
  2. Discounts on my online stores, including commissions and Heroforge printing and painting
  3. Physical painted rewards at different times throughout the year (tier dependant)
  4. How to guides, tutorials, reviews and pro-tips from me every week
  5. All my love and support for your work across social media and in person (should we ever be lucky enough to meet)

Coming soon (maybe/hopefully)

  • One-on-one sessions using great miniatures from the UK which will be sent to you as part of the reward
  • More Twitch Streams celebrating amazing miniatures and their creators
  • In person painting lessons at UK conventions and shows

All physical reward tiers include the cost of the miniature, basing, painting and the postage – monthly rewards in 2020 will be shipped out every other month.

I have acquired both a resin and filament 3D printer thanks, in part, to my Patrons support, and a license to distribute Fat Dragon Games 3D printed terrain and miniatures. I am able offer these products to my Patrons and on my online stores since April 2019.

You can also find me online everywhere here:

99% complete
With this goal hit I can cover costs of the physical rewards for my patrons, test out new brands and keep my supply stocks high. I can use my time to try out new things and get my Twitch channel off the ground as well.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 134 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 134 exclusive posts